5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage or Prenatal Massage is a tailored Massage that focuses on all the specific requirements of the mother-to-be. As pregnancy brings about a number of changes in her and with these changes often come a lot of aches and pains. Our Pregnancy Massage services are safe and advisable for all mums not in the high risk category. Our studio also offers "Belly Pillows" which allow the mum to be fully supported and lie face down during the massage. They come in two sizes so are suitable at all stages of pregnancy.

5 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage adopts an extremely non-invasive, safe approach that eases the discomfort that is generally associated with pregnancy. It gives the mother-to-be, much needed relief in commonly sore areas such as the hips, low back and shoulders.

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of interest in the topic of pregnancy massage and a larger number of women are now opting for it. Many women who would otherwise not incorporate it into their regular schedule, now opt for massages when they are pregnant. So, what exactly is it that makes pregnancy massage so beneficial?

1. Improved Circulation

Just as is the case with regular massages, pregnancy massage helps improve circulation. During this phase there is almost a 100% increase in your blood supply compared to non-pregnant women. Improved circulation decreases swelling and reduces numbness/tingling, it also reduces the feeling of tension in the body. This is especially important in the last months of pregnancy which is when most women find an increase in swelling in their feet and legs.

2. Improved Respiration

When you’re pregnant, there are a number of factors which can hamper your ability to breathe comfortably. The growing baby displaces the organs in your body and leaves less space in the belly. This restricts the extent to which your lungs & diaphragm can move; it decreases your ability to breathe easily.

Postural changes tend to cause a reduction in space for your lungs to fill properly, which impeded breathing. Getting a regular massage helps improve your breathing as it relieves some of the tension that is caused by these postural changes. It offers the sense of feeling like there is more space that it is easier to breathe. Sinus pain/congestion is another common compliant in pregnant women. Gently massaging the head & face can ease these symptoms and assist in draining the sinuses.

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3. Relieves Muscular Discomfort

As the baby grows in your womb, there are a number of postural changes that take place in your body. This results in a number of uncomfortable symptoms which only increase as the pregnancy progresses. As your center of gravity has been altered the relaxin hormone starts taking effect, symptoms such as ligament pain, sciatica, restless legs, carpal tunnel & headaches kick in. Hips & low back are common areas of constant soreness followed by shoulders & neck.

Regular massage is an excellent way of addressing these discomforts. It helps release all the muscular tension which builds-up in the hips and can causes the sciatica-like pain. Our clients regularly report many days of relief after a massage which also assists them sleeping through the night!

A massage therapist confident in performing pregnancy massage will know the best techniques to apply to each area of the body. Muscle groups such as the calves & adductors (groin) need to be treat with care as they are naturally very vascular muscles. Doing deep massage through these areas has the potential to dislodge clots if present.  Rest assured, that any tension experienced here can still be released without being put at risk.

4. Reduces Stress

Pregnancy can be very stressful. Balancing a regular routine, coping with all the changes taking place in your body, the erratic hormones and the worries and fears associated with becoming a parent can all play havoc with your mind and body. Getting a pregnancy massage is an excellent way to relax the body & calm the mind. Taking an hour to look after yourself is an excellent way of destressing. Massage is well known in settling down the nervous system and inducing a sense of relaxation. Together with tension relief, you will also sleep better thus keeping your chilled out feeling for longer.

5. Relaxation & Wellness

Receiving massage therapy right through your pregnancy helps prepare your body for labour. Relaxin is already working to  keep your joints supple, regular massage helps with keeping muscular tension and stress induced tension at bay. It also keeps you more attuned with your feelings and body and increases the mind-body connection which creates kinaesthetic awareness. Prenatal massage sessions help you get used to focusing on your breath and relaxing; both these things help during labour and childbirth.

If all of these benefits sound too delicious to refuse, or you simply need a good pregnancy massage, you can book yourself in online here.