Ah Valentines, you either love it or you hate it! I get it, it’s SOOO commercialised these days and everyone is capitalising on making a quick buck.
I also totally agree that love should be celebrated everyday and not just one day a year.
But, life. We’re all busy, and we all know better but do we celebrate love as much as we could?
Here are my 7 non commercial ways to celebrate Valentines day.
These are great for those who want to stick to a budget and for those who choose to celebrate on another day.
7 non commercial ways to celebrate valentines day

7 Non commercial ways to celebrate Valentines Day

love letter

1. Write your loved one a love letter

This sounds soo cliche, but when was the last time you sat down to really think about all the things you love about your spouse?
And when was the last time you told them all these things?
At your wedding perhaps?
I love this idea, because it’s so easy to get stuck in our daily routine and so often we end up taking our spouse for granted.
So sit down and write them a beautiful love letter.
All the things you love about them, reminisce on how you met.
Let it pour out of your heart.
love notes

2. Leave handmade notes around the house

This is another great option instead of writing a letter.
All these things that you love about your partner, stick them on post it notes.
And let them find it in their morning routine.
What nicer way to wake up in the morning and have your heart
filled with love notes.
Great way to start the day!
hold hands

3. Hold Hands

This is so simple.
And whilst many people no doubt do do this, many forget once the initial honeymoon wares off and kids come in to play.
Often we rush around wayyy too much and we forget about being present in the moment.
The simple things are so powerful!
So grab your partners hand and hold it tight!
Play a board game

4. Play a board game

When was the last time you just had fun at home?
When did you enjoy beating your partner at monopoly or putting a puzzle together and having some great music playing in the background?
This is another simple way that you can put some time aside to enjoy each others company in a fun way.
Make a meal together

5. Make a meal together

This could be really fun.
Find a recipe that you would both enjoy, but is a little outside of your comfort zone.
Something that you wouldn’t necessarily whip up on a daily basis.
Make a date out of it, buy the ingredients together and then cook it together.
Someone can chop up, the other can stir.
It’s the enjoyment of creating something new together.
book of favours

6. Book of Favours

I’ve included this because it’s commonplace on many TV shows, and I’ve always loved the idea.
And when you really put some thought into what your partner might like and enjoy it can be a great gift.
So make it thoughtful and personal to them.
If you know they are busy, then commit to taking something off their load whilst they have dedicated relax time.
Draw them a bath, wash their car.
Whatever is right for them, and if you put favours together – follow them through!
Go on a date

7. Go on a date

Last but not least.
I know, I know. Many of you are thinking what? A date is commercial!
Well kind of, depends what you do.
In this case, my thoughts are about a committed period of time enjoying each others company together.
Do something different that you wouldn’t normally do:
  • Take a historical tour of Sydney. (or wherever you are)
  • Go to the farmers market on the weekend, and enjoy breakfast out
  • Explore a new suburb – where have you not been before?
  • Go for a nature walk. Sydney has plenty of them around, and they are easy trails, what a great way to discover a new part of our town.

These are our 7 non commercial ways to celebrate Valentines Day.

I’ll be honesty, I have no trouble taking a few extra minutes on a day designed to make you think about love. It’s a great reminder.

However you choose to celebrate (or ignore), I sincerely hope that you have a great day!

This year, we’ve put together wonderful gifts that you might like to enjoy for those who wish to spoil themselves at Valentines (or another day).