Due to COVID-19, our little business is not trading business as usual.

This means that we have had to make some temporary changes for our safety and yours.

We’ve restricted our availability and our trading hours. Our team have undertaken the COVID-19 Infection control training.

Please note: Social Distancing rules apply in our communal (reception) area. We are taking the required care to ensure this remains the case.

Please refer back here for further updates pertaining to our services.

And you can find more details below about each of our services.



Chiropractic is classed as an essential service and we continue to take appointments.

We have restricted appointment availability to:

Wednesday 1-7pm

Friday 8am – 12pm.

If you require any emergency treatment, please do give us a call and we can arrange a treatment outside of these times if required.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

 Remedial Massage is currently listed as an acceptable service on the NSW health website.

This means we are taking Massage appointments during this time. Our team have undertaking their COVID-19 infection control training.

We are operating with limited availability and limited trading hours.

Remedial Massage services are available Wednesday – Saturday

Please refer to our online booking system or call our office on 9719 2060 to request an appointment.

Float and Sauna

Floatation Therapy and Infrared Sauna

Our Floatation Therapy and Infrared Sauna services are presently in hibernation.

We look forward to getting them ready for you to enjoy once we are able to operate them again.

Our Float and Sauna services will be available with the lifting of Stage 3 restrictions and we will advise you once that has been announced.