• Pregnancy Chiropractic

    Supporting you when you need it most.

Pregnancy can be a real pain in the back

…and the hips, and shoulders..

Falling pregnant is one of life’s greatest celebrations.
It’s truly a blessing to be pregnant and to grow life!
Unfortunately the experience isn’t always smooth sailing for all.

Aside from the myriad of issues one can experience, when it comes to you and your body you have control.

Many women experience aches and pains throughout their pregnancy.

An average weight gain during a pregnancy is from 8 -15kgs.
The uterus itself grows by 1000%!

As the trimesters progress and the baby grows, your center of gravity shifts. Organs get pushed around to make space, ligaments stretch joints get lax.

It’s all part of the journey, and it doesn’t have to be a painful one!

Pregnancy Chiropractic

You want to know you’re in good hands

We know you only want the best for your self. After all you are carrying precious cargo.
You want to know you will be looked after and that the care you receive is safe and will actually make a difference. Ignoring the discomfort you’re in and writing it off as “part of the journey” will impact your daily life.

You’re realistic about your results. And you want a therapist who’s got your back, working with you to achieve those results.


We’ve treat plenty of pregnant mums throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Our techniques are gentle but effective. We also know you’re busy and there is so much to do before the little one arrives. You can book an appointment online in seconds. We’re also available for emergency appointments.

Your Changing Body

and your changing postural needs.

As your pregnancy progresses you’re body goes through many changes. One of the most obvious is just how much your posture changes.

1. Forward tilting of the neck and extension of your head.
This leads to an increase in shoulder tension and headaches. Additionally you can develop stiff neck tension, TMJ tension and an onset of carpal tunnel.
2. Tension in your upper back.
As the baby grows your ribs will need to expand a little to allow room for growth. This in turn often results in upper back tension, sore ribs difficulty breathing
3. Accentuated curve in your low back.
The pull of your abdomen forward is going to put a lot of stress through your lumbar spine. Studies indicate that 70% of women during pregnancy will experience low back pain.

4. Forward tilt of your pelvis.
Often shows up with an accentuated curve in your low back. The forward tilt of the pelvis can lead to sciatic pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction and exacerbated tension in your legs.

5. Hyperextension of your legs
This puts additional strain through your legs often leading to an increase in calf cramps as well as tightness and pain in the feet.

Benefits of Chiropractic care during Pregnancy

You want the smoothest pregnancy
This means being pain free, where you can actually help it.

Paramount Health Chiropractic Headache


Take the pressure away from tension headaches.

Paramount Health Sore necks

Sore neck

Ease the stress placed on the neck and shoulders. Relieve contributory tension towards headaches.

Paramount Health Shoulders


Relieve upper back pain and tension in shoulders before bub arrives.

Wrist & Hand.

Overuse injuries in the wrists such as RSI are super common, but a lot of mums to be suffer from wrist pain as a consequence of pregnancy.

Low back pain

The area that will suffer the most, relieve tension in your low back.

Hip pain

Gluteal and hip pain is common, stretch it out and also help any low back pain.

Life is busy. It can be stressful.
Growing a baby is hard work.
Don’t you wish you had your own personal team to take care of you?


You deserve to be looked after.
It’s ok to be pain free and supported with your aches and pains.
Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. Let us look after your back.

Can Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy help?

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful in providing relief from your pregnancy related aches and pains.
Treating your spine is just one small part of the treatment puzzle.

Chiropractic offers a comprehensive treatment approach.

Once we have completed a thorough assessment we’ll have a great idea of the treatment type best for you

A lot of musculoskeletal discomfort experienced during pregnancy occurs in the muscles and ligaments.

We can release these muscles with Dry Needling, soft tissue release and stretching.

We can also provide support to the ligaments with strapping and strengthening exercises.

By providing support and relief throughout your pregnancy, it may lead to better
flexibility and mobility

This in turn can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy.

We can also combine your treatments with our Floatation Therapy or Massage Therapy to really leave you feeling awesome.

We respect you.

Our Chiropractic therapy has extended treatment times. We also provide Belly pillows for your comfort. This means you can lie face down with ease.

We respect your time and money.

We’re doing fine without taking advantage of our busy clients. Rest assure we’ll only book you as you need it.

If you need someone reliable and trustworthy to look after you
when you need it most,
Pregnancy Chiropractic at Paramount Health is your answer.