Shoulder Pain Shrugged Off With Chiropractic Treatment

Shoulder tension and other major shoulder pains are common nowadays from 9 years old to 90 years old.  Simply overusing your shoulder muscles, poor posture, and repetitive tasks can often be the culprits.

This can cause tissue or joint aggravation. Regardless of the cause, shoulder pain isn’t fun and can affect your ability to focus at work, on studies or on enjoying your holiday. Luckily for you, there are brilliant results, from chiropractors in Five Dock, with shoulder pain ailments.  Fast healing, fewer appointments, less pain. Triple win.

How Will The Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors specialise in our skeletal configurations. The rotator cuff in the shoulder has tendons spreading across to your upper spine. It also has muscle groups leading from spine to the rotator cuff. The arm and shoulder are then joined and cushioned with tendons and cartilage.

Excessive or damaging use can cause tendons and/or cartilage to tear or strain. A treatment that loosens up the arm, neck, upper back and shoulder area will ease the throbbing. Any pent-up tension can be released as well, which is why a few people get emotional after a treatment.

If it is ascertained that arthritis is the cause of shoulder pain, the chiropractor can reduce the resulting inflammation. Arthritic pains and fibromyalgia are chronic illnesses and will need a treatment regime.


There are a few main steps and main treatments for shoulder pain, such as:

Testing and x-rays to get details on acute shoulder pain

Adjustment of the alignment of the neck and upper back areas

Education. This is very important. The aim is for patients to acquire proper posture thereby avoiding back and shoulder pain and skeletal degeneration

Formulate and teach exercise plans to maintain shoulders mobility

When To Stop Home Treatment

When you first experience pain, it is good to try regular, gentle stretches and a day of anti-inflammatories (if approved by your doctor). If this doesn’t solve it or has no effect, it would be best to contact a chiropractor if there is a bigger problem.

The same applies if the pain is too great to consider home treatment. You may pick up symptoms such as popping, uncharacteristic stiffness and restriction mobility. Not making an appointment can lead to bigger issues and nerve damage, so it is best to make every effort possible to book an appointment as soon as possible. And remember, Google is not a medical practitioner.

Contact Paramount Health’s amazing chiropractors in Five Dock if you are stiff, sore, stressed or have muscles in a knot. All the discomfort will be worked out of that hard-working body with the right treatments!

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