A Float tank is essentially a giant, private bath tub/pool that is filled with Magensium rich Epsom Salts. The total water depth is approximately only 25-30cm and therefore makes the solution more buoyant then the dead sea. The experience allows the user to float effortlessly, fully supported by the epsom salt rich water. Intense relaxation is experienced as well relief from stress, fatigue and muscular tension.

What is Floatation Therapy?

Float therapy is a service designed for you to float entirely effortlessly and therefore relax completely. The experience is intended to help you switch off from the world completely!

When you are floating, you do not feel where the water ends or where your skin begins, you do not feel the pressure of anything underneath you. An additional component to Floating is sensory deprivation. Some people like to float with some ambient light and soothing music playing, others prefer to be in complete darkness and silence. Either way is completely fine and will induce a deep state of relaxation.

To float is more then just to relax completely, it is also used for:

  • Chronic pain relief of aching muscles and joints
  • Fighting fatigue; in general for those who don’t sleep well & for those who are really busy.
  • De stress; when the body and muscles relax and the mind settles the nervous system really settles down nicely.
  • enhancing meditation
  • sports recovery; this is a wonderful way to really supercharge your active recovery periods.

How does float therapy help me?

The very nature of the float tank experience is designed to take the pressure off your body. The anti gravity effect created by the density of epsom salts works to decompress your joints and take pressure off your muscles.

Epsom Salts themselves are in their chemical form Magnesium and Sulphate, this is a muscle relaxant and a protein builder for your joints. Not only do you get the relief of pressure taken off you but you also absorb those minerals for immediate benefits.

All this release of pressure and tension gives your brain very immediate positive feedback messages to relax. Not having to fight gravity in this situation assists further in settling your mind. All this is helped along by being in a warm, dark and quiet environment very inviting of rest and respite.

All our clients walk out of their float tank experience with a look of relaxation on their face, they are calmer, they feel less tense and there is always a perceptible level of stillness around them.

The best thing about the floatation experience, is that you can never have too much! The more you float the better your experience is!

When to use a Float tank to improve well being?

The beauty behind using a  float tank to improve well being is that it’s entirely up to you when it slots into your schedule. It is the type of service that can be had daily, weekly or monthly.

If you feel that your stress levels have increased and that you really could do with just escaping & quietening your mind; that is the perfect time to Float.

If you are generally feeling rushed and stress levels are a little high; scheduling a Float on the weekend to completely reset is the perfect time to come in.

If you want to make it a lifestyle choice, then floating fortnightly or monthly as part of your routine is ideal.

There is no right answer!

How to get the most out of your float experience

The simple answer here is to approach your first float without any expectation.

Guaranteed it will be a very different experience to be suspended and floating so effortlessly. Take a few moments to get used to the novelty of the experience. Then take a few moments to identify what is comfortable for you. Hands behind your head, by your side or over your chest? Do you like the inflatable pillow provided or do you prefer to be without?

Once you have that sorted, it’s time to drift off.

If your mind is super busy and won’t switch off, we find that just rolling with your thoughts and allowing them to come will relax you over the course of the session. You are also more likely to talk yourself into a dream state  instead of resisting the chatter all together.

Even if your mind is busy, you still reap the benefits. Not all is lost, it’s just a sign that there is a lot going on in your life and an additional float is likely needed to really explore the quietness and stillness that comes from a quiet mind.

Are you ready to schedule your first float?

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