Our most common Chiropractic Conditions

Want to learn more about what bothers you? Each section delves deeper in what is actually behind each of these Chiropractic Conditions

Paramount Health Chiropractic Headache


Ever wondered what makes a headache & what can be done about it?

Paramount Health Sore necks

Sore neck

Sore necks are such a pain in the well neck! The can restrict movement of the head, make your eyes blurry. It’s never fun.

Paramount Health Shoulders


Be it a serious injury like a rotator cuff tear or just tension in the traps from too much work.

Elbow pain.

Something that can come on suddenly or develop over time. Either way it can be very painful & potentially take a long time to settle.

Wrist & Hand.

Overuse injuries in the wrists such as RSI are super common, but a lot of mums to be suffer from wrist pain as a consequence of pregnancy.

Low back pain

One of the most common and most debilitating problems we all face at one time or another. This area of soreness also often gets ignored and is left untreated.

Hip pain

Really common as a sporting injury but also quite common during pregnancy. It is a site of really discomfort and soreness.

Paramount Health knee pain

Sore Knees

Knees are so complicated & simple at the same time. But they cause a lot of problems and there are many variations of injury at play.

Ankles & Feet

We are on our feet every day, but simple injuries like a sprain (unless severe) often go unnoticed, only to cause problems down the track.