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You’re a professional and you work hard to stay active because it makes you feel alive.

The vitality from kicking goals in your active life flows through to your professional and home life. You don’t want injury, pain or stress to stop you, and neither do we.

If you need treatment for existing ailments, or want to de-load, detox, de stress and keep things running smoothly at Paramount Health, we have you covered.

Our conveniently located clinic in Drummoyne with our very own Chiropractor, state of the art Infrared Sauna, Remedial Massage services & our own Float tank.


You set high standards for yourself and expect results. So do we. Ignoring injuries or accumulative stress will stop you from achieving your work and training goals, and impacts your home life too. You’re realistic and form a partnership with your therapist. We’ll give you our expert advice and work with you to achieve effective health outcomes.


At work, sports, and at home: when you’re actively pursuing life, you’re busy. We understand that, and we value your time. Book Online in seconds, and we’ll see you at your appointment. It’s as quick and easy as that.


Chiropractor Drummoyne


We excel in Sports Recovery, and you get to benefit from Brett’s Chiropractic knowledge and experience spanning 20 years. Get results without protracted injury time.


Infrared Sauna

Feel the proven benefits of our Infrared Sauna. We spoil you while you sweat – use our tablet, Wi-Fi and watch our Netflix.


Float Tank

In work or home life, you’re holding everyone else’s bundle – imagine if you were able to let it all go. The ultimate stress-reliever and recovery tool, find the depths of true relaxation with our exquisite Floatation Therapy.


Remedial Massage

You need more than time off to release those muscles. Let us knead away the knots so you can move freely and get back to the rest of your life.

Gift Voucher


Not everybody can give the gift of true relaxation and wellness. But with our Gift Vouchers,you can. Let the ones you love know how much they mean to you.

We are an effortless solution, that fits smoothly into your life ensuring you have the balance & support you need to continue to win at life.


Paramount Health Sydney

As our client, you matter. A lot.

We offer results-orientated treatments that will make you feel better, sooner. We’re interested in your body moving well and tension free – not emptying your pockets.

We treat you and your family like our family

Our clients want to share the feeling of wellness, mobility and relaxation with their whole families. We take time to get to know you and enjoy the chance to catch up when we see you.


Injury down-time is slow.

You want to stay active without injuries slowing you down. We have everything you need to keep your body stress-free and moving at peak performance again.

You need to make time for you.

Whether it’s work stress or just the pressure of looking after everyone else, make some time for you. De-load, destress, and walk out feeling lighter and back to your best self.

You’re in the best hands.

With over 20 years of combined knowledge and experience in Chiropractic Sports Recovery, Paramount Health is your one-stop-shop for injury management, pain relief and relaxation. Do you want to know more about our values, business, and what makes us tick?

Paramount Sports Recovery
The Paramount Health Services

At Paramount Health we are not only located in the easy to get to, easy to find Drummoyne, but we also service Rozelle, Lilyfield, Gladesville, Hunters Hill, Five Dock & surrounding areas.

Our services have been put together with you in mind.

We know that our Chiropractor can help you with your pregnancy, headaches, sports injuries & back ache.

Our Remedial Massage team are fully qualified with health fund rebates available. They are the perfect sports recovery option, can ease tension, help you unwind & we definitely cater for pregnancy massage.

The Infrared Sauna, being state of the art offers you the chance to truly heal. Allowing gentle but powerful detoxification it aides in overcoming health conditions, colds, boosting your immune system, easing pain and inflammation amongst other benefits.

Large enough for two it also has netflix available for your entertainment & we have a shower in our sauna room.

Our Float tank is the perfect way for you to relax, unwind, ease your tension, get relief from inflamed joints & simply enjoy a get away without having to leave your doorstep.

Floating is safe during pregnancy and is perfectly paired with a Massage or Sauna session.

Paramount sports


Our Drummoyne chiropractor blends the best of Physio & Chiro together into a comprehensive treatment to help you achieve the best results possible

Paramount Health Rozelle

Remedial Massage

Our Drummoyne Massage clinic has an experienced team offering Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue & Pregnancy Massage.
HICAPs available.

Paramount Sports Rozelle

Infrared Sauna

Our state of the art Sunlighten Infrared Sauna is not only large enough for two, but has all the mod cons to help you feel your best.



Our Float tank is the perfect place for you to unwind & relax. The best accompaniment with a good Massage or Infrared Sauna session.

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Download our top Tips to living as a successful, working professional! These are our best kept secrets!


You want realistic, achievable results and Paramount Health has the knowledge, experience and facilities to keep you feeling alive. Connect with us today.

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