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How floatation therapy helps with stress management
Floatation Therapy can help with stress management by easing your central nervous system. This occurs due to a decrease in stimuli, and being in an environment conducive to relaxation.
Some of the positive effects of Floatation therapy on stress are:
  • Muscle tension decreases
  • Brain waves calm and
  • Your nervous system settles.
Float tanks are designed to create a calm space that is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind and body.
It's commonly accepted that getting a 1 hour float session is equivalent to getting 4 hours of deep sleep.
This makes it one of the best and most effective relaxation techniques available.

What is Floatation Therapy?

What is Floatation Therapy?
Floatation Therapy is where you float in a pod with a pool of water that maintains a constant body temperature.
The tanks are filled with 350kgs + of Epsom Salt.
The buoyancy created is what allows people to float with ease.
The volume of epsom salt present is also what allows muscular tension relief.
Studies indicate that our response to gravity and sensory input takes up 90% of all CNS (central nervous system) activity.

The features of a Floatation Tank

Temperature when Floating
Floating Music
Floating Door

With the water maintained at body temperature, it is difficult to discern where the water begins and your skin ends. This reduction in discoverability allows for a blending with the solution. This in turn stimulates an intense relaxation response in the body.

Soft music is an option whilst you float. It helps your brain to connect with relaxing sounds. Some people prefer complete silence and that works well if you have a great meditative practice behind you.

The tank has a door that you control your experience with. When it's closed al the light is blocked out. Airflow still flows through specific air vents.

How Floatation Therapy can help with Stress Management

  • The anti gravity effect from the buoyancy in the tank eases pressure on the body. Physical stressors such as tension, nerve pain and stiffness settle quickly.
  • Floatation therapy is effective at lowering levels of cortisol (stress hormone). This hormone contributes to weight gain and has an effect on anxiety and depression. The rest and relaxation provided during a session lowers this hormone.

  • The combination of magnesium and floating lowers blood pressure, further promoting stress relief.
Float stress Management
  • The Magnesium content in the water is absorbed readily via the skin whilst you float. This, combined with anti gravity relief floating provides instant relief from tension.
  • Since external stimuli is eliminated this provides your nervous system a much needed break. To experience silence and tranquility in an environment that is nurturing and relaxing is important. It's like the holiday without the expense or huge investment of time.
Epsom Salt
  • Sulphate is the other naturally occurring compound of Epsom Salts. It is a naturally occurring protein builder for joints. Sulphate and the anti gravity effect of floating, provides enormous relief for suffers of joint pain. This is true also for arthritic conditions and any other joint related injuries.

Will a Float tank help me Relax?

Will floating help me relax

In short, absolutely.

It's impossible not to relax and experience stress relief whilst floating.

The whole experience is designed to complement your natural state.

Some people find the experience unusual in their first visit. This is normal - however, physically they still will relax.

It may take a couple of sessions for you to get past the novelty of floating and into the rhythm of relaxation.

It's a great way to press pause on your life and recharge your batteries. Floating also has powerful cumulative benefits.