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Recharge your battery

Imagine lying down in warm, luscious salt filled water. It completely supports your body weight, suspending you effortlessly on the surface. You feel nothing around you. Blending with the water, not know where it begins and where it ends. And your brain loves the nothingness, it can't hear anything, see anything or feel anything. Totally supported, totally weightless... it revels in it. It floats effortlessly along with your body, knowing that this nurturing experience is allowing true rest. The reset button has been pressed, energy is being boosted and the body can finally recharge your batteries..

Nuts & Bolts of Floating

The little journey we just took you on, sounds divine doesn't it? Your body  is already saying yes please to this experience. It isn't scared or put off, it desperately wants to float, to be still, to be totally buoyant and totally supported. It needs to switch off and have a moment to itself. The good news is, this experience is completely real and easily available to you!

A floatation tank has a small pool of water in it, only about 25-30cm deep. Depending on the size of the tank there will be anywhere from 350-500kgs of Epsom Salts dissolved. The buoyancy and concentration levels remain the same irrespective of the quantity here as it is relative to it's size. What this means is that the water becomes a specific gravity level allowing effortless floating. Complete buoyancy when you hop in. Suspended beautifully on the surface of the water.

Water is heated to body temperature. This is not a bath, and it is not a spa. The water is warm but not hot - we don't want to over heat, it needs to remain completely neutral. This is what allows the body/mind and water to completely blend. You can read more on the mechanics behind a float tank in our blog here.

Furthermore Epsom salts are not actually a salt. They are Magnesium & Sulphate.  Magnesium is a Muscle relaxant, it also has loads of other beneficial health properties that you can read about here. Sulphate is a protein builder for your joints. Together these minerals aid muscular tension relief, joint pain and consistently we find that the experience as a whole and it's profound effect on settling the nervous system works as a wonderful anti inflammatory.

Recharge your Batteries

Recharge your battery

Now you know how a float tank works, but how does it help to recharge your batteries?

When you are floating, it genuinely is entirely effortless. There is no pressure from beneath you (like in a bed) and there is no gravitational pressure from above you. It's the closest to feeling weightless you'll be short of a simulated anti gravity experience or being in space!

The respite your body experiences from this weightlessness is further compounded by the concentration of Epsom Salt. It will offer instant muscular tension relief. It definitely helps ease joint pain (one of my primary reasons for floating). But even if aches and pains aren't what your experiencing. The rest received is profound.

Combining weightlessness, the concentration of Epsom Salt and the sensory isolation works like magic on the nervous system. Time passes either very quickly or is completely lost. Dream states are entered into easily.

Take time for yourself

One of the most powerful ways to recharge your batteries is to take time for yourself. This time can come in many forms. For some taking a holiday is a profound way of taking some time out, for others having a massage or a walk in the park is their way to recharge.

The important thing is finding the right way to take time for yourself that works for you.

Floatation Therapy is not only an awesome way to recharge your batteries but is also an excellent way to take time out for yourself. It is so because you truly are by yourself in a beautifully nurtured, completely cocooned way that is incredibly supportive of your physical tension and health. Floating relaxes your nervous system in a way few other therapies can and assists in creating the kind of zen in your mind second to none.

You can read more about our Floatation Therapy here and when your ready to take a holiday without leaving town, the best place to float is with us. Online booking is available.