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7 Benefits of Massage
Modern day living is very fast paced and you want to have it all.
You want to work hard and play harder. And want to balance your work routines with your personal life.

All this sounds great and you seem to be finding the balance pretty well.

There are times when you feel stressed and you know that you need to make changes. Both in the way and in the pace you are moving.

There are 7 key benefits of regular massage that help keep this delicate balance in order.

We all know that it's not always possible to cut down on the things we do in life.
So the best solution is to manage it all better!
Massage promotes the relaxation of your physical and emotional stresses.
By tapping into the body's natural built in communication pathways, you are inducing relieving messages.
We teach both your muscles and mind that they should be calm.

7 Benefits of Regular Massage

Below you'll find 7 benefits of regular massage.

It's important that you get it done from a qualified massage therapist.

We can't stress this enough.

This will make the difference your results, and save you wasting time.

1. Massage to Reduce Pain

Massage reduces pain
When your muscles become tense, they tend to become stiff and sore.
Regular massage helps relax the muscles.
It also eases the pain and discomfort caused by tension.
Massage also assists in removing adhesions and painful trigger points.
There is significant research behind Remedial Massage.
One study shows Massage is more effective in treating chronic low back pain, compared to a placebo.
Often the amount of pain your in can seem extreme but it doesn't always mean it is going to be a long road to recovery.

If you feel like the pain you are in is more than intense muscular tension, be sure to seek guidance from your General Practitioner.

Alternatively book in to our Chiropractic services for a comprehensive assessment. This will give you the peace of mind in identifying what is going on.

You will also have a personalised treatment plan implemented.

2. Massage Decreases Stress & Anxiety

Massage decreases stress
Modern lifestyles can be hectic and demanding.
This results in a lot of stress building up within.
By easing your physical tension, you will also hep ease the emotional stress.
When we teach your muscles to relax, the biofeedback will also ease your emotional stress.
Massage is one tool that can help manage both stress and anxiety.
Taking some time out for yourself prioritises you're well being.
The hour spend doing something good for yourself slows you down.
The massage calms you and you experience physical and mental stress relief.
You may also like to consider booking in a float in conjunction with your Massage. This is an excellent way to maximise your stress relief.
If you are chronically stressed and highly anxious, consider seeking out the help of a GP. They can assist with putting a management plan together for you.

3. Massage decreases Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that short touch is effective in immediately lowering blood pressure. Combine this with relaxed muscles, improved circulation and reduced anxiety.

All induced by massage, treatments keep your blood pressure under control.

The more relaxed you are, along with a good diet and exercise, Massage is very helpful.

4. Massage Improves Circulation

The strokes of massage hydrate your muscles by pumping blood into and through them. Massage not only promotes vascular circulation but also lymphatic.

This helps decrease any swelling and bloating. It can also be very beneficial in revitalising tired swollen legs after flying. This is also helpful after long endurance activity.

5. Massage builds Immunity

Immune Boosting

When you improve circulation and get your blood and lymph pumping, you are flushing out toxins. You are thus stimulating a natural detoxification effect.

This in turn is one benefit that helps strengthen your immune system naturally.

You may wish to consider scheduling a session in our Infrared Sauna.

You can combine this with your Massage if boosting your immune system is a priority. During the winter months this is definitely a great addition to your regime.

6. Massage helps your Sports Recovery

Sports Recovery

Massage is widely utilised and accepted as a suitable form of treatment, in sport.

The jury is still out on whether Massage helps ease Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Commonly massage is used pre and post event. It helps flush and in recovery to break down fibres and adhesions.

Over all this promotes the athlete feeling better and getting them back out training. Massage can also help prevent possible injury forming.

7. Quality of Life

There is plenty of supportive evidence to show that Massage makes you feel good! We've shown you that it assists with pain control and it improves quality of sleep. Massage also reduces depressive symptoms.

People who receive Massage take the time to do something for themselves. This is important in keeping the balance with work, life & family.
With all these benefits you will be walking around a calmer, better version of you!
The question therefor is, when will you book in?

Regular Massage Matters

I get asked one question the most: "How often should I get a Massage?"
Unfortunately, there is not one correct answer to this question.
The truth is it depends on your lifestyle, budget, stress and training requirements.
As a general rule I will recommend a monthly massage for most. One hour in the month can be easily scheduled. It can be budgeted for and it is far enough apart that it does not feel like a chore.
The month is also not so far apart that the results won't hold.
During peak training periods we can increase sessions to fortnightly or weekly. In highly stressful situations we recommend adding in a Float or a Sauna. This will really maximise your benefits whilst you are already here.