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    Release your tension, ease your discomfort

    Take time out for yourself, spend an hour doing something good for you.


You wake up in the morning and slowly climb out of bed.
Feeling stiff and sore, your shoulder aches, your neck reminds you it’s stiff. You feel better after a nice hot shower. But the pressure of the day ahead starts to mount and you can feel the stress start to simmer away.

That morning run clears your mind, the endorphins kick in, that big breath you take.. you feel better. Until you sit down at your desk at work. And your shoulder reminds you it’s still there & that crick in your neck, it’s still stiff.


We know your not injured.  You’re stiff, tight, sore, stressed and in need of some TLC. We understand that, and a Remedial Massage is just what you need. It’s time to book online in seconds, and we’ll see you at your appointment. It’s as quick and easy as that.


The way to ease your pain.

Remedial Massage is an active way of breaking down muscle tension. All that stiffness and soreness you feel, chances are a good massage can ease your discomfort.

You need to make time for you.

Whether it’s work stress or just the pressure of looking after everyone else. The best way to stay at the center of everyone’s universe is to take some out for yourself. Let massage destress you, unwind your tension and help you feel whole again.

The answer you’ve been looking for.

Remedial Massage is a tried and tested method. Massage releases the stiffness, tension and soreness. It’s also an excellent way to unwind, unload and just chill out for an hour. With pressure to suit your individual needs, a Remedial Massage is just what you need.


Soothing those aches & pains

What you really need is someone you can trust.

Someone who totally has your back and knows just how to get those tiresome knots out of it.

Imagine lying down for an hour & having your feet massaged.

All day they carry you from one place to another.

You didn’t even know they were tired until a gentle pair of hands eased the tension out of them.

Imagine your shoulder and neck tension easing whilst someone works on you.

You can feel each massage stroke getting easier and more relaxed.

Then your energy starts to settle, your mind slows down.

Even your tummy gurgles.

All good signs that your whole body is relaxing and responding to the healing power of Massage.

This is our forte.

You deserve this time for yourself.


Not sure what Massage Treatment you need?

You’re fit and you’re active. You are also sore. If you are not sure whether a remedial massage treatment is for you or if you need a sports massage, then read our blog.

We highlight the differences between the two and when is the best time to pick between them


Massage Rozelle

Release the tension.

With so much going on in our fast paced hectic lives, you need someone you can trust to just help you let go of all the tension. Foam rolling is great, but a good pair of hands is better.
Stop trying to wriggle your way into a comfortable position. Quit moving your neck from side to side to stretch it out. Book a Massage, release the tension.

Innerwest Remedial Massage

Say Sayonara to the stress.

Remedial Massage not only eases the tension & breaks down those knots it also slows you down. And not just because you stop to lie down for an hour, (which is also great.)  Settling down your muscles sends positive relaxing signals to your brain. This helps your whole nervous system relax. And in turn, You.
It might only be an hour, but it might just be what you need.

Inner West Chiro for you to feel better

Pro actively prevent issues.

We get so used to fixing things when they’re broken. But how much better is it when you prevent things to begin with? Instead of chasing your tail, take that time out. 1 hour a month. Stop, to unwind, to de stress, to ease the tension, unravel the knots, curb those aches and do something good for your self.
Sounds amazing? It’s also easy!

A Massage is no longer a luxury.

But a necessity that ensures you keep being the best you can be.


Your Massage therapy treatment

Trigger point therapy.

Don’t you ever wish your therapist would just get into all those knots?
With targeted trigger point therapy blended into your massage, no tension is left unaddressed.

Myofascial Dry Needling.

When you just need that little bit more. Sometimes you are so tight & so stiff a helping hand is needed. Our team will bring Dry Needling into your session to yield you optimal results.

Add a Float when you need a little more.

If you’re feeling super stressed & super tense. Energy levels aren’t great & you think you’re too sore for a Massage, then schedule a little extra me time & float before your Massage

Add a Sauna to really help you out.

When life is just hectic & you do your best to live by the 80/20 rule, the Sauna is your best way to maximise the 80%. Soothe your body after the massage & detoxify all the stress.

Your personal Remedial Massage Therapists

Massage Therapist

We are Anna and Jess.

Your personal team of Massage Therapists.

Fully Qualified and highly experienced.

We’ve got your back.


Drummoyne Massage

1hr Remedial Massage

All the benefits, no fuss.
1hr ease the tension, chill out.

When you need a little more

1hr Massage & 1hr Float.
When you really need to unwind & really need to destress.

Infrared Sauna

You like it hot:

1 hr Massage & 40m in the Sauna.
Soothe your body after a Massage to get the best benefit.

7 Benefits of Remedial Massage

Life is so fast paced. You get up in the morning, rush to get ready, trot off to work and you work hard. Evenings start with a dash home, some exercise is squeezed in and dinner is made. Repeat.
If we haven’t convinced you yet to schedule some time for yourself. To look after you, release the tension and decrease your stress. Now is the time.
Our blog on the 7 benefits of Remedial Massage is waiting for you.


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