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People often ask us about the difference between Sports Massage vs Remedial Massage. And when should you use them to get the best benefits?

The most important thing to remember is, above all that whichever style of Massage you do choose, at Paramount Health you will have it tailored to your exact needs each visit. This way you have no fear about making the wrong choice!

The differences between Sports & Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

  • The definition for Remedial is "giving or intended as a remedy or cure"
  • Remedial Massage is a very thorough and precise all over Massage. It is designed to iron out any areas of tension or knots you may have
  • Remedial Massage can also be an all over general massage. The therapist treats you head to toe finding and releasing tension as they go.

    It can also be a very targeted, focussed session. For example a dedicated leg session or an upper body, shoulders and neck treatment. This option is ideal when you have specific concerns.

  • It is appropriate (with caution) at any time
  • The massage is inclusive of skills and techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy and dry needling.

    Remedial Massage is a base line that each therapist can then value add to their clients. This will depend on their individual skills and experience.

Sports Massage

  • Sports Massage techniques and pressure will alter depending on where the client is in their training program.
  • Sports Massage is inclusive of recovery Massage after big events. Here the focus is on flushing and working through the muscles to improve recovery times.
  • It utilises a lot more dynamic techniques such as stretching, MET and PNF. Active release techniques will also be used. The idea being that we can soften the muscles quickly and painlessly.
  • There is less intention towards specificity and trigger points. unless very active and currently painful. The focus is geared towards general long strokes, stimulating blood flow. This also frees up any fibrous tension whilst simultaneous causing minimal pain.
Sports Massage in essence is tailored around the client and  their training program. Think of it as a good Remedial Massage that has catered for their chosen sport!
Are you in ready to book in your Sports Massage?

Which Massage is best?

The answer to that lies on the individual and their lifestyle.
Remember, there is no right or wrong here and Massage is fluid!
We can tailor to your needs depending on where you are within your training program. If you're unsure, default to a Remedial Massage.
Here are some  key points of difference for sport type to hep you out:

I'm a Triathlete, when is the best time for my Massage?

Triathlete Massage
Schedule a Remedial Massage during your taper periods and a Sports Massage pre/post event.
These pre and post event Massages are lighter in nature, use longer strokes and are more geared towards flushing the muscles and getting them prepped for the race (or are focussed on recovery!).
Their aim is to cause minimal inflammation and soreness.

Most triathletes will feel their worst whilst tapering.

This becomes the perfect time to get a good solid Remedial Massage.

We can get out those trigger points and iron out any issues.

A little bit of soreness is to be expected the next day, during taper this is completely acceptable.

I'm a Gym Bunny, when should I have a Massage?

Gym Bunny Massage
If strength work is your forte, you actually need a solid Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage every time you have a massage.
Depending on the frequency and intensity of your training, scheduling in every 3 - 4 weeks would be ideal.
We need to work on your joint mobility and be conscious of releasing all your trigger points.
As trigger points inhibit muscular strength, your priority is to always to have a targeted Remedial Massage.

I'm Prepping for a Body Building Comp, what's best for me?

Body Building Prep
If you are working towards body building and sculpting competitions, you will also need a Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage.
Throughout your training program we recommend Remedial  Massage. A Sports Massage is ideal about 1.5 weeks out of competition.
The reason we need to start backing off so far in advance is that body fat gets very low and dehydration very high.
A strong massage during this time will not leave you in optimal position for competition day. In this instance using our Infrared Sauna will be beneficial to help you loose fluid and decrease inflammation.