Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

An active way of breaking down tension to promote pain relief & relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Tailored Massage to address long term chronic pain and tension.

Leidy Merchan

Massage Therapist

Leidy is a dedicated Remedial Massage therapist, driven by a passion for holistic well-being. With a solid foundation in remedial massage techniques and a commitment to promoting health, She brings a unique blend of professionalism and personal vitality to her treatments


Beyond her therapeutic skills, She leads an active lifestyle that mirrors her dedication to wellness. Regular exercise is a cornerstone of her routine, ensuring that She maintains peak physical condition. She finds tranquility and inspiration in the simple act of walking, often taking leisurely strolls to clear her mind.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Be event ready with Massage specifically preparing & recovering you in your event.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Looking after you during all 4 stages of pregnancy, easing  all your aches & pains.

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