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Imagine having your entire body cradled by a silky saline solution made of over 350kgs of epsom salts and clear, clean water. With greater buoyancy than the Dead Sea, you can embrace the feeling of stillness – you can even fall asleep. Feel supported as you immerse yourself in warm magnesium rich waters, and say hello to complete relaxation.

Float away in our Float Tank
Float therapy Sydney


Are you busy taking care of the ones you love, and not taking time for yourself? Maybe you’re finding it hard to switch off all the expectations and pressures from work, and it’s impacting your home-life.


Do you suffer from pain and inflammation? Do you need a gentle recovery treatment to soothe sore joints and muscles?


Have you found deep relaxation or meditation is difficult to achieve? Or have you already discovered the rejuvenating benefits of stillness and want to take it to the next level?

Life is busy. It can be stressful.

Don't you wish you could let it all go? Well you Can!

Drift away in warm, crystal-clear waters and explore the dreamy depths of true relaxation.
You deserve this.
It’s time to take time for you.

You're so close to Experiencing Unparalleled Relaxation

Do you feel like you’re the centre of your family’s universe?
It can be tough keeping all those shining stars in orbit.

Working 9 – 5 is a luxury these days, working 8am – 6pm and later has become the new norm.
The pressure of your working life makes demands of your mind AND body.
You deserve a break.


Training can make your body tired.
You train to feel better, but continually setting and smashing new goals can leave you fatigued and needing a break.

Feel light again and soothe the strain pregnancy can put on your hips, back, and legs.

5 Ways the Float tank will benefit you

Float Recovery

Pain Relief

Reduce muscular tension and soothe arthritic and joint-related pain.
If you suffer from pain and inflammation, discover the benefits of a session where you can completely take the pressure off all parts of your body, and relax as the beneficial Epsom salts reduce the inflammation which triggers your pain.

Float recover


Most active people already know the benefits of Epsom salts in recovery – but you probably don’t have a solution like ours in your bath! Our high-salinity solution reduces muscle soreness, and being able to experience weightlessness is the most effective way to truly rest your body. That’s how it in gets you back to your training regime and active lifestyle sooner.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Surrendering to stillness and quiet promotes deeper relaxation. As your tension melts away you’ll fall naturally into a meditative state, relieve your stress and centre your focus for greater mental clarity once your session is finished.

Deep Rest

Deep Rest

An hour in our float tank can feel like a full night’s deep, restorative sleep.



Our float tank is safe to use during pregnancy. Creating and carrying a new life is hard work – soak away those aches and pains and enjoy a delicious hour of not feeling ‘heavy’, all without having to worry about over-heating.

We have what you need to feel better!

Float with Ease

Float with Ease

We use underfloor heating to make sure the water is heated to a consistent and comfortable 35 degrees Celsius. This means you’ll feel deliciously warm as you drift away, and for the whole duration of your session. The depth is only about 30cm deep, and contains a hefty 350 kilograms of Epsom salts. This highly beneficial saline solution is so highly concentrated; you’ll feel supported by the silky smooth waters. And with greater buoyancy than the Dead Sea, you can relax enough to fall asleep if you wish – you don’t need to worry about your head, or any other part of your body sinking: it’s just not possible.

Refuge from Stimuli

Your Refuge from Stimuli

Do you ever get tired of people calling your name, needing your help? Our exquisite float tank gives you the chance to close the door on external stimuli. Removing distractors gives you the time you need to take shelter in quietude and serenity. Surrender to stillness, acknowledge and release the noise of your life; explore the depths of true relaxation. Allow your mind to rest, and your body to heal.

Relax your way

Relax, Your Way.

We want you to have a restorative experience that’s right for you. You can choose ambient light and imagine you’re floating in warm summer seas, or listen to gentle music as you reach your dream-space.

Shower & Shine

Shower & Shine

Our lockable sauna room includes a shower so you can rinse off that sweat before you leave. We provide the toiletries and clean towels to enhance that squeaky clean post-sauna feeling.

Your Floatation Therapy Experience Options

Experience your Float on it's own or pair with a Massage or Infrared Sauna for the ultimate experience.


60 min Float + 10min Shower time

$ 77

Combine your Float with the following services to elevate your Experience

1hr Float & 40min Infrared Sauna

1hr Float & 1hr Massage

Std Chiro & 1hr Float

$ 120

$ 179

$ 135

Value in Numbers Bundled Options

Introductory Offer 2 x Floats - 3 month Validity

3 x 60min Floats - 6 months Validity

5 x 60min Floats - 12 months Validity

10 x 60min Floats - 12 months Validity





Cradle Your Body in Clean, Clear Waters

Imagine if you could let your thoughts unspool in gentle waters of a warm, tropical sea.

For much less than a trip abroad, we demand the highest standards of hygiene so you don’t have to worry about a single thing while you float and let all your muscle tension fade away..

We test buoyancy, PH and alkalinity levels every day. The water is completely filtered in around 10 minutes, and to ensure your session is squeaky clean, our high-tech pump and filtration system runs all night, every night.

It’s just you, clean, clear water, and the delicious feeling of full body floatation.

Do you have more questions? Find more answers in our Floatation FAQ

Serenity and stillness

Be on a

First name basis with Serenity & Stillness

If you knew there was a place of refuge from the noise and stress of life, you’d take it, wouldn’t you?

There is – and you’re so close to discovering true relaxation.

One hour of being cradled in the delicious warmth of our float tank will rest, recover and restore your mind and body more efficiently than a good night’s sleep.

Feel the benefit of truly getting to know stillness and serenity.

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