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Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and the most potent actives available in the world today.

Experience Pregnancy Massage

The better way, face down!

Pregnancy Massage Drummoyne

What truly makes a Pregnancy Massage special is the luxury of safely being able to lie face down during your Massage.

Our ability to look after you during your Massage from early stage right through to late stage pregnancy with two different sized contoured pillows.

This means you are comfortable the entire duration of your pregnancy.

It's a total bonus to get to lie face down.

You experience a superior quality massage, with added comfort.

What you really need is someone you can trust.

Someone who totally has your back and knows just how to get those tiresome knots out of it.

Imagine getting to lie face down for an hour & having your swollen ankles gently massaged reducing fluid whilst creating a sense of gentle relaxation throughout your whole body.

Imagine your shoulder and neck tension easing whilst someone works on you.

You can feel each massage stroke getting easier and more relaxed.

Then your energy starts to settle, your mind slows down.

Bub turns gently, loving every minute of the massage.

We're not afraid of getting into all the areas that hurt. A good pair of hands in all the sore spots not just a fluffy feel good session.

This is our forte.

You deserve this time for yourself.

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Pregnancy Massage Benefits


Reduce Pain & Tension

As you progress through your pregnancy, your body will change and grow. It's normal to experience aches and pains where you didn't before. Pregnancy Massage will help alleviate the aches in common areas like hips, low back, shoulders & calves.

Imagine how much better you'll feel after taking an hour for yourself and your bub to really go through the pregnancy with ease.

Pregnancy Massage Relief

Improve circulation

Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes the natural flow of lymph throughout the body. This is why Massage is such a powerful immune booster.

Whilst it's normal to have additional fluid as your progress in your pregnancy, rest assured that the massage will gently promote the reduction of fluid whilst boosting oxygenation of the blood. Leaving you feeling better!

Stress Reduction

Decrease Stress

Stress comes in many forms, including the physical experience of stress as pregnancy progresses as well as daily stresses.

Pregnancy massage assists in winding down your nervous system to promote relaxation of the nervous system. Combined with improving circulation and decreasing discomfort, rest assured that after your massage you will sleep and feel better!

A Pregnancy Massage is no luxury

But the necessity that keeps your moving & feeling great

Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience. Addressing your individual concerns and areas of tension leaving you feeling relief, relaxation and offering a great nights sleep.

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Pregnancy Massage Sydney
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It's time for you to book your Pregnancy Massage

Our Massage therapists are carefully selected to offer a range of skills and experience.
This works exceptionally well to tailor our offering to you and your unique needs.
Consider adding a Float or Sauna (once in trimester 4) to your booking to facilitate a better experience and outcome.

60 min - Senior Therapist

$ 119

Combine your Massage with the following to really elevate your experience.

1hr Massage & 40m Infrared Sauna (trimester 4 only)

1hr Float & 1hr Massage

$ 159

$ 179

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