Pregnancy Chiropractic

You want to know you're in good hands

We know you only want the best for your self. After all you are carrying precious cargo.
You want to know you will be looked after and that the care you receive is safe and will actually make a difference. Ignoring the discomfort you’re in and writing it off as “part of the journey” will impact your daily life.

You’re realistic about your results. And you want a therapist who’s got your back, working with you to achieve those results.


We’ve treat plenty of pregnant mums throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Our techniques are gentle but effective. We also know you’re busy and there is so much to do before the little one arrives. You can book an appointment online in seconds. We’re also available for emergency appointments.

Pregnancy Chiropractor

Pregnancy can be a real pain in the back..

And your hips, shoulders, neck..

Falling pregnant is one of life’s greatest celebrations.
It’s truly a blessing to be pregnant and to grow life!
Unfortunately the experience isn’t always smooth sailing for all.
Aside from the myriad of issues one can experience, when it comes to you and your body you have control.
Many women experience aches and pains throughout their pregnancy.

As the trimesters progress and the baby grows, your center of gravity shifts. Organs get pushed around to make space, ligaments stretch joints get lax.
It’s all part of the journey, and it doesn’t have to be a painful one!

Life is busy. It can be stressful.
Growing a baby is hard work.
Don’t you wish you had your own personal team
to take care of you?


You deserve to be looked after.
It’s ok to be pain free and supported with your aches and pains.
Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. Let us look after your back.

Will Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy help you?

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful in providing relief from your pregnancy related aches and pains.
Treating your spine is just one small part of the treatment puzzle.

Chiropractic offers a comprehensive treatment approach.


A lot of musculoskeletal discomfort experienced during pregnancy occurs in the muscles and ligaments.

We can release these muscles with Dry Needling, soft tissue release and stretching.

Pregnancy relief

We can also provide support to the ligaments with strapping and strengthening exercises.

By providing support and relief throughout your pregnancy, it may lead to better
flexibility and mobility

This in turn can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

We can also combine your treatments with our Floatation Therapy or Massage Therapy to really leave you feeling awesome

Life Happens

It's great you found Us!

Injuries, tension and soreness happen to the best of us.

The good news is proper injury rehabilitation helps you recover from your injury.

Adjust your training, so you can keep moving without making things worse.

That way you can return to moving your body the way you like, sooner.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

During your Pregnancy



Take the pressure away from tension headaches.

Sore Neck

Sore Neck

Ease the stress placed on the neck and shoulders.



Relieve upper back pain and tension in shoulders before bub arrives

Wrist & Hand

Wrist & Hand

Relieve the hand and wrist pain brought on due to pregnancy

Low back pain

Low Back Pain

The area that will suffer the most, relieve tension in your low back.

Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Relieve common hip pain, stretch it out and also take the pressure off.

Our Promise to You

You’ll walk away from your first Chiropractic treatment feeling better. And when you work with us, you’ll keep feeling better each time.

We miss you once we’ve got your injury sorted. And if you do hurt yourself again, you know where to find us.
We’ve been doing this for a long time & a testament to our success is that our clients keep coming back! When life get’s in the way & a new injury comes up, you know where to find us.

We’ve got you covered.

So don’t let injury mismanagement stop you running, training, and living at 100 percent. We excel in sports chiropractic. We’ll get you back where you need to be.
Is Chiropractic Safe during Pregnancy
Absolutely it is.
We treat many pregnant mums to be both during their pregnancy and also post partum.
How often should I go to the Chiropractor whilst Pregnant?
We have a conservative approach to treatment, meaning that we won’t book you in unnecessarily.  Your Chiropractor will advise you of the best course of treatment and set you up so that you are feeling as best as possible.
Prevention is better than cure, so we certainly encourage you to pay attention to your body’s own warning signs and book in prior to things getting really painful for you.
How much does a Pregnancy Chiropractor Cost?

Our rates are as follows: Initial Consultation which includes treatment is $139 for the hour, then all visits thereafter are $79. Health fund rebates are available on the spot if you are covered under private health insurance.

Are Chiropractic adjustments safe in early pregnancy?

Yes, Adjustments will help to support and take pressure off areas in discomfort during early pregnancy. Our chiropractors are highly trained when dealing with pregnant patients and will only deliver adjustments/treatment where necessary and safe.

Where are you located?

We are located in Drummoyne, NSW.

Shop 11, 52 Lyons Rd Drummoyne.

We are located on the ground floor of The Odeon building, near the IGA. We face the car park located at the back of the building.

Our clinic is open between Monday & Saturday, check the website for opening hours.

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