Sports Chiropractors in Sydney

Keep Training, Stay Moving.

Don't let injury hold you back or slow you down from performing at your very best!

Sydney Sports Chiro

You love to train because of the way it makes you feel

And an active recovery brings you back to training sooner without having to stop.

Our sports chiropractor will keep you running, lifting, moving. You can keep giving your stress and frustrations a healthy, sweaty outlet. We all need a relaxed and happy home life.
Get back to smashing your WODs. Giving it everything you’ve got and feeling that sweet endorphin release afterward.
Feel invincible while you work with renewed vigour, focus, and productivity. Sleep better, enjoy sustained periods of peak performance. Get back your mobility, and better overall well being.

You’re right where you need to be

You’re here for a reason. You’re active and you want to stay that way.

You want to move pain free, work, play and live life at one hundred percent. Ignoring or mismanaging injury holds you back over the long term.

You want results, and we work with you to get them.

That’s why you need a Sports Chiropractor on your personal team to keep you on track.

Youre right where you need to be.

Find out if our Sports Chiropractors can help you.

Listen to your body

Work pressure, home and family life.  It’s the only time you have to get rid of the day’s stress.
The only time you have to yourself, period.

You can push yourself or take it easy and enjoy the movement.
You’re free to listen to your body and do what you need.

Freedom in Movement

You’ve always found freedom in movement.

You need this time.

It’s you, your breath, your body, your move.

Until that niggling injury blows out and puts the brakes on all that.

Life Happens

It's great you found Us!

Injuries, tension and soreness happen to the best of us.

The good news is proper injury rehabilitation helps you recover from your injury.

Adjust your training, so you can keep moving without making things worse.

That way you can return to moving your body the way you like, sooner.

Ready to get your Injury Sorted?

Initial Consultation


Our Initial Chiropractic Session includes a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.
We put on our Chiropractic detective hat and perform Neurological & Orthopaedic assessments.
We assess your biomechanics and take a very thorough case history.
This ensures we know the most effective way to treat you.

Follow Up

Your Treatment

Some people prefer a firmer approach to their treatment, others prefer gentler.
Rest assured we will let you know what’s best for you, but it also has to work for you. 
We know the treatment plan won’t yield the best results if you’re not confident you can work it into your lifestyle.
We work with you to devise a realistic treatment plan you’re happy with.

Path to recovery

Active Recovery

We talk you through mobility and ways of modifying your training.
We want you to keep moving towards recovery, not make things worse.
We will also go over any required rehab that is an absolute must on our Sports Chiropractic journey.

Feel Better Now

Feel Better Now

We treat you. Our Chiropractic sessions are a blend of the best of Physio and the best of Chiro in one.
No quick adjustments here, but comprehensive, thorough treatments.
After the session, you walk away feeling better.
You’re armed with all the information you need to take part in your recovery.

Our Promise to You

You’ll walk away from your first Chiropractic treatment feeling better. And when you work with us, you’ll keep feeling better each time.

We miss you once we’ve got your injury sorted. And if you do hurt yourself again, you know where to find us.
We’ve been doing this for a long time & a testament to our success is that our clients keep coming back! When life get’s in the way & a new injury comes up, you know where to find us.

We’ve got you covered.

So don’t let injury mismanagement stop you running, training, and living at 100 percent. We excel in sports chiropractic. We’ll get you back where you need to be.
What do Sports Chiropractors Do?

Sports Chiropractors bring together the best evidenced based Chiropractic treatment methods. These include adjustments, mobilisations, stretching, strapping, dry needling and rehabilitative exercise for a comprehensive treatment. The treatment plan assesses your fitness goals and sporting needs and creates a rehabilitative approach to bring you back from injury.

Do Athletes use Chiropractors?
They sure do. Many professional athletes have a team of therapists around them supporting them in their fitness peak.
Everyday athletes, the working professionals who choose to stay fit and active need their Chiropractors to assist them with not only their fitness goals but also their postural and workplace needs.
How much does a Sports Chiropractor Cost?

Our rates are as follows: Initial Consultation which includes treatment is $139 for the hour, then all visits thereafter are $79. Health fund rebates are available on the spot if you are covered under private health insurance.

Can Chiropractors help with Sports Injuries?

Absolutely we can. We pride ourselves on repairing and rehabilitating people with all sports injuries. We don’t just focus on treating backs and necks.

Where are you located?

We are located in Drummoyne, NSW.

Shop 11, 52 Lyons Rd Drummoyne.

We are located on the ground floor of The Odeon building, near the IGA. We face the car park located at the back of the building.

Our clinic is open between Monday & Saturday, check the website for opening hours.

Prevention is better than Cure

Don't you agree?

Prevention is better than cure
We’re here to treat your injury, but we’d rather you didn’t have one to begin with.
We know it happens to even the most careful athlete.
Download our 6 point guide on Injury Prevention & Management.
It’s an excellent resource to help you avoid injuries, and properly manage injuries as they occur.

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