Frequently Asked Questions

Floatation Therapy
Infrared Sauna
Are you covered by Medicare?

Our Chiropractic Therapy is covered under medicare.

You will need to go to your GP and ask for an EPC plan (Enhanced Primary Care).

This will give you 5 sessions that are mostly covered under Medicare.

We do not bulk bill, so you will need to pay for the full treatment amount and we can arrange a medicare rebate on the spot into your nominated account.

Are you covered by Private Health Insurance


We have HICAPs facilities on site so you can claim on the spot.

Please note that you are not permitted to use your Private Health cover and the EPC plan at the same time.

If for whatever reason you do not bring your health fund card, or it isn’t working – we will print you a receipt and you can submit it to your health fund in order to get a rebate.

Do I need a referral for an appointment?


You do not need a GP referral to book an appointment.

If a GP does refer you that’s great, we will liaise with them about your case, but it isn’t a requirement.

Are the Chiropractors Insured?


It is a requirement of all practising Chiropractors to be fully insured in order to practice.

All Insurances and First Aid certificates are always kept up to date.

When are you available?

Chiropractic services are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons as well as Friday and Saturday mornings.

Appointments can be booked online via our website or you can give us a call.

Do I need to book an appointment or can I just walk in?

If you have a preferred date and time that fits best into your schedule, then yes please do book your appointment in advance.

If you walk in we cannot guarantee that we can see you at that time as we are an appointments based business.


How long are the appointments?

Please allow 1hr for an Initial Consultation and 30 mins for all visits there after.

You will receive a treatment in each consultation, including the Initial.

What are your fees?

Initial Consultations are $125.

Visits thereafter are $75.

Extended Consultations, which go for approximately 1hr are $125.

You can have a look at all of our prices & package options here.

I've hurt my back, can you help?

Yes! Of course. We look after spinal care as well as all sporting injuries.

Do I have to be an athlete to book an appointment with you?

Of course not!

Most sporting injuries do fall into the category of day to day injuries also.

We have a large client base of athletes and weekend warriors but it does not exclude you if you do not fall into that category.

We look after families, children, dogs and cats too.

Are you experienced with Sporting Injuries?

We sure do!
We've worked with many of the fitness professionals, gyms & clubs in our area.
We've also worked with many professional athletes and dancers over the years.
Don't think of us as regular Chiro's. Whilst we certainly look after backs, we also look after all injuries too.

Can I still exercise whilst being treated?


This will depend on the injury you have and its nature and severity.

Everything will be considered in your first session and a treatment plan, as well as an exercise plan will be provided to you. This will include recommendations on how to modify your exercise as well as how to build back up to full strength.

Everyone’s needs will be different so a tailored plan will be put together for you.

I have an event coming up very soon, can you get me on track?

We can certainly do our best!

We have, far too many times had clients call up last minute needing to be patched up a few days before race day.

Whilst you should never leave an injury to the last minute we can definitely help you get through your big race and then we can properly treat you in your recovery.

What should I look for in a chiropractor?

It goes without saying that experience, knowledge and amicability should rate high on the list of features to look for in a Chiropractor.
At Paramount we also believe that clear communication and transparency are vital during treatment.

Our philosophy is to actively involve you in your care with a clear understanding of what is wrong, what needs to change and how we are going to achieve your goals.

We firmly believe that the treatment process is a two way street and a pivotal point is having you actively involved.
You can read more about how we practice in our Blog article on Chiropractic at Paramount.

Is Chiropractic Dangerous?

Chiropractic is a modality that is recognised world wide and is also supported by the world health organisation.

There has been much research into chiropractic that has been funded by universities, governments as well as not for profit organisations and the studies have resolved that Chiropractic is a safe and successful primary therapy option for neuromusculo – skeletal conditions.

The evidence has shown that chiropractic is often safer then most alternative medical procedures that could be used to treat the same conditions.

Having said that, any medical procedure carries a level of risk and there are some situations where Chiropractic care is contraindicated (what is this?).

Chiropractors are trained to assess, identify and mitigate any risks or contraindications to treatment or adjustment and do so by going through a  thorough assessment prior to treatment.

This is to ensure that every precaution has been taken for your safe treatment and achieving your desired result.

What are the steps the team takes to help me recover from injury?
  • A full history and physical examination to get to the bottom of your injury, and what is causing it
  • An outline to the treatment that will be performed and its progression
  • Constant re-assessment to ensure we are on the right track to getting you back to where you want to be
  • A multi stage rehabilitation plan designed specifically around you and your injury
  • Guidelines in regards to your expected recovery time, when you can return to sport and at what intensity you are able to perform to ensure that there is no re-injury
  • This is to ensure that every precaution has been taken for your safe treatment and achieving your desired result.
What kind of massage options do you offer?

Our specialty lies in the Remedial field.

This means we perform:

Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Massage

I'm not an athlete, I'm just after a good Massage


You have come to the right place!

Whilst we certainly cater for sports recovery, sports massage is not the only massage we offer.

All it means is that we are fantastic at providing you the best possible massage every time.

All our sessions are individually tailored and even if you were an athlete and just wanted to take 1 hour for yourself we can help!

Why should I come to you and not a spa?

Well that depends on what you are after, but if you want to have a really good remedial massage a spa may not be the place to go.

Often Beauty therapists will perform the massages there and whilst it will absolutely feel good, if you need greater attention, their qualification may not allow for that.

All our staff hold a minimum of a Diploma in Remedial Massage. They are all experienced and can tailor a session to suit your needs.

Currently, we only have senior therapists which means we hold a minimum of 10 years experience.

Can I have a massage during my pregnancy?

Of course you can!

If you have been regularly massaged in the past, you can continue on as normal.

If you have never had a massage before, it best be to wait until you have passed the 3 month mark.

If you would prefer to have additional certainty then please do speak to your doctor and get clearance from them.

As your pregnancy progresses we have pregnancy pillows that allow you to comfortably lie face down whilst being massaged.

This will ensure maximal results for you.

Please note that each pregnancy massage is tailored towards your individual needs and how you are feeling on the day.

Our  massage tables are hydraulic and they have sections that elevate so that we can make you comfortable.

I'm seeing a Physio/Chiro/Osteo, can I see you along side them?

Of course!Massage is a great accompaniment to all treatment types.

We have strong relationships with a lot of the local professionals in the area. They refer to us for good Remedial massage to assist with whatever they are helping you with.

We often have clients coming in asking for specialised treatment to assist with their rehab.

We are more than happy to accommodate and work with your primary care professional to ensure your speedy recovery.

Feel free to pass on our details and we can always chat to them first before your session if you would like.

What are your fees?

Senior members of our team charge $119 for the hour Massage

We also offer bundles and packages where you can combine your massage with a Float or Sauna.

Please refer to our rates page for our full range of prices.

Do you offer health fund rebates?


Most health funds offer Massage rebates on the spot.

In case you did not bring your card or there is some technical error on the day, we can print you a receipt.

This will have our provider number on it, allowing you to  claim back your rebate.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that things happen and life gets in the way.

As we are a busy practice with most of our bookings taken for appointments in advance, those spots are reserved for you for that time.

If you need to reschedule for whatever reason, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice for a single booking (i.e. one person) and 48 hours for a double booking (i.e. couples sessions).

Any cancellation fees incurred are charged at the time of your rescheduled appointments.

As a courtesy for our clients, we use a system that will send you an e-vite at the time of booking with calendar syncing functionality.

It will also send you a reminder the day before your appointment, to ensure you do not forget!

Is the Massage team fully qualified?

Yes all our Massage Therapists hold a minimum level of a Diploma in Remedial Massage,.

They are all members of a relevant association and their First aid certificates are kept up to date.

All our staff continue to further their education and skills beyond our minimum requirements.

Is your team fully insured?


In order to legally practice all staff members must be insured.

It is a requirement of their employment here and their membership with an association  to have Medical malpractice, professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Is Massage covered under medicare?

Unfortunately no.

I'm really specific about pressure, how can I ensure the massage is right for me?

It is always best to call and speak to us if you have special requests as we can discuss your needs and then do our best to match you with the right therapist.

During the massage, please know that we want you to speak up if we are going too hard/too soft.

We firmly believe that we work for you and we need to work together so that you get the best outcome.

Getting the right pressure and style of massage can be difficult, but please know that we always try our best.

We have a few therapists on board so you are welcome to try us out individually until you find the best person for you.

Do you have a draping policy?

Yes we absolutely do.

It is an obligation of our right to practice that we follow draping guidelines.

At all times we request that underwear is worn, whilst a bra is optional. Please note that a sports bra will need to be removed if we are massaging your back so that we can effectively treat the area.

You will be draped accordingly at all times. We take consideration during the warmer months and we have additional blankets during the cooler months.

Any request to be massage without draping will not be honoured.

Any request to be massaged nude will not be honoured.

Failing to comply with our requests will cease the massage immediately.

Please understand that we do reserve the right to refuse treatment without explanation.

How many Float tanks do you have?

At present we have one floatation tank.

It is located in its own room, with its own shower, conveniently away from other clients.

I'd really like to come with a friend


We can easily book you in one after the other. Or if you wish to have a session concurrently the best way to do it, is book in for a float and massage package and that way we can tee up your experience together.

One of you will float whilst the other has a massage and then we can swap you over.

I want to float with my friend

Unfortunately that is not recommended.

Our tank is also not be big enough for two in it at once.

Floating really is a personal experience best had on its own, to ensure maximal benefits for you.

Can I float whilst pregnant?


It is the only experience that will allow you an anti gravity effect to really take the pressure of the baby off your joints.

The most challenging part for you will be waking up at the end.

Is your float tank an isolation tank?

The Apollo tank has in built ventilation that does allow the air to circulate.

This is  is designed in such a way that it won’t allow any light in.

I'm a little claustrophobic!

No problem.

Some clients initially experience some hesitation.  The beauty of the Apollo float tank is that you control from the inside just how enclosed you want to be.

To whichever level you take the door you can rest assured that you will still have a good floatation experience.

There is also a light on inside that we can have on for you or you can choose to let the rooms ambient light shine through with the float door a little ajar.

If you would like to know more, just give us a call and we can chat to you further about how best we can make you comfortable.

How much Epsom Salt is in your float tank?


The water depth is about 30cm, which makes the solution more buoyant than in the dead sea.

It’s really very cool!

Are you sure I will float? I can't swim!


Yes you will definitely float.

And we promise that it will be entirely effortless, the tank does it all for you!

It requires no skill or ability from you at all.

Is floating hygenic?

Sure is.

The salinity of the tank really stops anything from growing.

But just to be sure we maintain and check daily the PH, Alkalinity and bromine levels.

The water is also filtered between every client, and filters every night.

The tank is filtered with a pump system much like a swimming pool.

As the pump is very large the water filters in about 10-13 mins.

Between every appointment the filter will run and it runs over night every night as well.

How often is the water changed in the Float tank?

We add water and salt to the tank on a weekly basis.

This means that we are always topping up.

The entire water in the tank is only changed about once per year.

It’s really a very big job to drain the tank and then dissolve 350kgs – it takes a couple of days!

The hygiene of the tank is not dependent on completely draining.

How much does it cost?

1hr Float is $71
2.25hr Float is $120
3pk is $174 ($58 p float)
5pk is $265 ($53 p float)
10 pk is $470 ($470 p float)
You can pay by cash, credit or eftpos.

These prices are subject to change without notice.

The packages are valid for use within 12 months.

You can book in here.

How long is each session?


With a 1hour float you have an additional 15 minutes of shower time included in your session.

This means you will need to shower and get dressed in that time in order for us to change over the float room so the next person can float.

We ask for your courtesy in keeping to this time, being mindful that by taking longer you are impacting on our next floatation and Massage clients.

If 15 minutes is not long enough please do let us know and we can wake you up a few minutes early to ensure the day runs on time.

Do you have extended float sessions?

Yes we absolutely do!

Please note however that extended float sessions are not recommended for a first time float experience

How does a Float fit within my sport?

Floating is an excellent recovery tool. It promotes an anti inflammatory effect for your muscles and joints and most importantly a deep rest so needed in sport.

The benefit of floating, unlike a massage is that timing of floating really isn’t an issue.

It cannot be done too soon or too late in conjunction with your activities.

You can compete for example and then float immediately after.

Is Floating relaxing?


The more you do the better it gets.

You can also float as you need to, in peak times of stress.

I couldn't switch my mind off in my first float?

Thats ok.

Floating is such a different experience that the first session is a bit of a novelty.

You need time to get used to the sensation and figure out what is comfortable for you.

In your second float you will have figured all that out and will know what to expect, and in your third you will be right in the zone!

We recommend having 3 floatation experiences fairly close together to really get the full benefits of floating.

This experience really helps you get to a point where switching your mind off is easy.

From there you will find that from time to time, some of your floats will be with a busy mind and others, you’ll be completely relaxed!

How often should I float?

That is entirely up to you and your personal needs.

There is no right or wrong answer here.

We can help tailor a plan for you and discuss different timing options to suit your needs.

What Brand of Infrared Sauna do you use?

We have a Sunlighten MPulse Sauna.

It is large enough for 3 (although we only ever book 2 people at once, and never anyone random)

Can I come with a Friend?


Whilst we do have a 3 person sized sauna we can accommodate 2 people at a time.

This will ensure your comfort and that you still have ample room.

$20 is the additional charge for a second person to join you.

Is your Sauna room private?


The sauna is in it’s own private room with a shower.

There is also a privacy lock on the door for your peace of mind.

We also have a separate powder room where you can blow dry your hair and touch up your makeup before leaving.

What should I wear whilst in the Sauna?

You are welcome to wear a swimsuit or you can wear nothing at all if you would prefer.

We just ask that you are sat on the fresh towels that are provided.

Should I shower during the Sauna if I get too hot?

We don’t recommend showering during the session so as to not lower your body temperature too much.

If you do start getting hot, you can lower the temperature in the sauna.

Alternatively you can step out of the sauna for a minute as the room is air-conditioned.

This will offer you enough of a break to comfortably get back in.

What should I bring with me?

You can bring your own water otherwise we have filtered water that you’re welcome to use.

If you wish to read your welcome to, otherwise our sauna has a tablet built in that is hooked up to WiFi and Netflix.

You otherwise don’t need anything at all as we provide all towels, body wash, hair dryer etc.

Is the Sauna covered under private health insurance?

Please check with your individual provider as new services are added periodically.

However at the moment, we don't believe any insurers cover the Sauna.

What are your fees?

We have two sauna sessions available at present:

– Standard Sauna (40mins) $49
– Extended Sauna (55 mins) $65
– Bring a friend for an additional $20

We also offer flexible packages and you can bundle your sauna with a float or massage.

Please refer to our rates page for full pricing options.

Do you have Package Options?

Yes we offer packages of 3, 5 & 10 for both our Standard & extended sauna times.

Packages are shareable between 2 people (1 at a time) and have a 12 month validity to them.

You can bring an additional person with you for an additional $20.

You can purchase the 3 pack of Infrared Sauna sessions here

How long is each session?

We have two Sauna session times available at present

Standard Sauna (40mins)

Extended Sauna (55mins)

How do I book an appointment?

Please call us on 9719 2060 or feel free to book yourself in online via our website.

Do I need to make a booking?

Yes we recommend that you do.

The sauna is very busy and unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we could accept a booking if you walk in.

We also prefer to have our sauna pre heated for you, so having a booking in advance will allow us to do that for you.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

We understand that life gets in the way and sometimes there are circumstances out of your control!

Rest assured we are not mean, and we accommodate where we can.

Please note that the sauna does require preheat times so cancellation at short notice will mean a fee is charged.

We request that in consideration of others you give us 24 hours notice.

We reserve the right to charge the full fee as a cancellation fee at our discretion.

Please note that if you regularly cancel an appointment or not show up, we will require you to keep valid credit card details on file so prepayment of an appointment can occur.

Can I buy a Gift Voucher?

Sure can!

Vouchers are available in store or even better, with an immediate download from our online store.

Vouchers are valid for 3 years.

We offer the flexibility for them to  be transferred to any one of our services if the actual service purchased was not to your loved ones taste.

You can refer to our full terms & conditions here.

Anything I need to know before using the Sauna?

We recommend that you don’t use the sauna on a fully tummy or during an extended fast.

If you are pregnant the sauna is contraindicated.

If you have any medical considerations or history of cardiovascular disease, please do check with your GP first.

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