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Are you looking for a really good
Deep Tissue Massage in Sydney?

You’re constantly aching and tight.

No amount of stretching is just quite getting to the sore spots.

The heat pack works for a while, but you’re body is craving more.

You deserve that hour for yourself.

You need to look after you.

It’s time to find your personal support team.

Let us release all that chronic tension, ease your stress and help you relax.

What is Deep Tissue?

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage (DTM), contrary to popular belief is not about getting a very hard massage.

True deep tissue Massage is all about the depth and the layers of muscle that you treat. Most importantly it’s also about the speed with which you treat the tissue.

As a very general rule, the faster the massage techniques and strokes are applied, the more superficial the massage will be.

Whilst a certain amount of pressure does need to be applied, it’s just as much about the therapists ability to sink through the layers and transfer that pressure beneath the most superficial muscles.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Release Chronic Tension

Release Chronic Tension

Muscular tension builds up over time. We may think, oh I haven’t done anything recently to make me so tight, but it’s what happened last month, last year etc.

The beauty of a Deep Tissue Massage is getting through the layers of tension. This is where real results stem from.

Ease Long Term Pain

Ease Long Term Pain

With long term tension stems chronic tension like chronic low back pain or constant neck and shoulder discomfort.

The longer these have been bothering you, the longer tension was previously present. Once a chronic condition has set in, it’s much harder to treat.

Boost Energy

Boost your Energy

Chronic tension and pain is exhausting.
You might not even realise it, but being tight makes you tired.

It’s not a natural state to be in, and so it requires so much energy to keep you there.

Releasing the tension not only relaxes you, but therefore conserves energy, boosting yours!

The Best Solution to Chronic Tension

Is working out the deepest and most fibrous layers of tension
with a Deep Tissue Massage.

The Paramount Health

Trigger points
Dry Needling
Floatation Therapy
infrared sauna

You so need this and we give you the options!

Our Massage therapists are carefully selected to offer a range of skills and experience.
This works exceptionally well to tailor our offering to you and your unique needs.
Consider adding a Float or Sauna to your booking to facilitate a better experience and outcome.

60 min Massage - Senior Therapist

$ 124

Combine your Massage with the following to really elevate your experience.

1hr Massage & 40min Infrared Sauna

1hr Massage & 1hr Float

$ 159

$ 179

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