We understand that you’re busier than ever and with a pandemic that sprung up out of nowhere this year, chaining us up inside our homes. This has not boded well for spinal health. At Paramount Health, we care about the state of your spine, which is why we have come up with a few ideas recommended by chiropractors everywhere to get you up and moving around during your busy daily routine.

The Importance Of Movement

Just half an hour a day of brisk walking can increase your pulmonary and cardiovascular fitness, improve your spinal health, create a naturally upright posture and increase your muscle endurance and strength.

Start with realistic movement goals during any free time you can spare during your day. Instead of adding the pressure of trying to hit the gym every single day, try starting with an easier goal like going on a walk three times a week.

The great thing about trying to move around more is that it is a flexible goal that can move with your routine.

Here are a few ideas about incorporating movement into your day to day routine:

  • Morning – start your day off on the right foot and get your daily movement done and dusted before the workday begins.
  • Lunch – we all deserve a break, why not spend a portion of yours getting some fresh air?
  • During meetings – is your day filled with phone calls and meetings? Why not take one of those phone calls outside and let the fresh air break up the monotony of the day.
  • Afternoon/evening – decompressing from a long day’s work can take some time, why not use this winding downtime to go for a walk and transition out of work mode. Bring a family member along to encourage them to do the same.

These are just a few ways that you can encourage walking and moving up and away from your desk to give your spine a break from being in the same position for hours on end.

For more information on maintaining your spinal health or if you need treatment for existing ailments or want to de-load, detox, de-stress and keep things running smoothly with Paramount Health, you’re covered.

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