Kettlebell training Sumo Squat

Kettlebell training is a great way to achieve overall strength, endurance & build fitness. The exercises are designed to utilise and work major muscles, burn maximal body fat, build strength and most importantly they are versatile and can easily be used and stored at home!


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A Float tank is essentially a giant, private bath tub/pool that is filled with Magensium rich Epsom Salts. The total water depth is approximately only 25-30cm and therefore makes the solution more buoyant then the dead sea. The experience allows the user to float effortlessly, fully supported by the epsom salt rich water. Intense relaxation […]

Inner West Chiropractic Spinal & Sports

There is a common perception of what Chiropractic is and it often leaves people quite divided. The Sports Chiro term does get tossed around a lot, but we notice that most everyday people don’t really know what it means.

Paramount Health Stretching

We have all grown up hearing that every exercise should be warmed up with a stretch. You stick your leg out, bend forward and hold that stretch, then move onto the other leg, then off you go for a jog! Do you know when to stretch for best results?

Remedial Vs Sports Massage

Modern day living is very fast paced and you want to have it all. You want to work hard and play harder. And want to balance your work routines with your personal life. All this sounds great and you seem to be finding the balance pretty well.


Good posture is much more than just sitting up straight. Many people lead fairly sedentary lives. The workplace can be so demanding that we often spend the day sat slouched over the computer, with minimal breaks. As time goes on, that good posture we are so well intended to keep, becomes harder and harder to […]

Infrared Sauna Sydney Experience

With our Infrared Sauna gaining popularity, our  regular clients are asking questions about how it works. We love the Sauna, without fail after every session we walk out feeling like a million bucks! So healthy & rejuvenated. The more we use it, the more we realise just how profound it’s benefits are. Our tummies are […]

Biceps Tendonitis Chiropractic Drummoyne

The Shoulder is quite a complex joint, being supported by 17 muscles and 3 different bones! It is a joint that is designed to be very mobile allowing us a great deal of movement ability. Whilst supported by 17 muscles the Glenohumeral joint – most commonly known as the shoulder – is highly unstable. Any […]

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage or Prenatal Massage is a tailored Massage that focuses on all the specific requirements of the mother-to-be. As pregnancy brings about a number of changes in her and with these changes often come a lot of aches and pains. Our Pregnancy Massage services are safe and advisable for all mums not in the high risk category. Our studio also offers “Belly Pillows” which allow the mum to be fully supported and lie face down during the massage. They come in two sizes so are suitable at all stages of pregnancy.

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Paramount-Health recovery

IronMan Port Macquarie, a massive event every year, has just wrapped up for the weekend. What a stellar effort by every athlete who participated. Whether you finished or not, whether you got your best time or not, You put in the effort, the hours, the training and you got out there! Amazing!