With our Infrared Sauna gaining popularity, our  regular clients are asking questions about how it works. We love the Sauna, without fail after every session we walk out feeling like a million bucks! So healthy & rejuvenated. The more we use it, the more we realise just how profound it’s benefits are. Our tummies are […]

Bicepital Tendonitis - Chiropractic Drummoyne

The Shoulder is quite a complex joint, being supported by 17 muscles and 3 different bones! It is a joint that is designed to be very mobile allowing us a great deal of movement ability. Whilst supported by 17 muscles the Glenohumeral joint – most commonly known as the shoulder – is highly unstable. Any […]

Pregnancy massage or Prenatal Massage is a tailored Massage that focuses on all the specific requirements of the mother-to-be. As pregnancy brings about a number of changes in her and with these changes often come a lot of aches and pains. Our Pregnancy Massage services are safe and advisable for all mums not in the high risk category. Our studio also offers “Belly Pillows” which allow the mum to be fully supported and lie face down during the massage. They come in two sizes so are suitable at all stages of pregnancy.

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Paramount Health Recovery techniques

IronMan Port Macquarie, a massive event every year, has just wrapped up for the weekend. What a stellar effort by every athlete who participated. Whether you finished or not, whether you got your best time or not, You put in the effort, the hours, the training and you got out there! Amazing!

Floating whilst pregnant

The body changes so much during a pregnancy. The uterus itself expands by 1000%! Around the half way mark, as the baby’s growth becomes more rapid in size, the pressures start presenting themselves. With the center of gravity changing, hips start getting sore. The mid back aches, shoulders throb and the low back gets very […]

Patella Tendonitis Chiropractor Drummoyne

WHAT IS IT? Patella tendonitis is an overuse injury affecting your knee. Inflammation occurs at either the Quadriceps tendon (aka Supra Patella tendonitis) or the Patella tendon/ligament (aka Infra Patella Tendonitis).

Imagine lying down in warm, luscious salt filled water. It completely supports your body weight, suspending you effortlessly on the surface. You feel nothing around you. Blending with the water, not know where it begins and where it ends. And your brain loves the nothingness, it can’t hear anything, see anything or feel anything. Totally […]

Infra Red Sauna Communal Experience

The debate of the century is steam sauna vs infra red sauna. What are the differences and which is better? We highlight some key differences from the perspective of the user. Both types of sauna are different and both affect the body in different ways. They key takeaway is that a traditional steam sauna is […]


Today, there are many products & tools available on the market that claim to soothe, ease & cure all types of muscle pains and aches. From golf balls, massage balls to theracanes and then to yoga mats & blocks. The supply options are endless and each have their own best practice options. Foam Rolling is […]

A Bulging disc is a common spinal injury that can occur to the intervertebral disc at any level of the spine. The bones of the spine are seperated by a fibrous disc. This discs purpose is to act as a shock absorber and force distributer. These discs allow for movement to occur within the spine. […]