1hr Massage & 40m Sauna Package


Discover for yourself just how powerful a solid rest can be. When you switch off, unplug, and reboot your own personal battery.

Not only can you feel great, but it is

The Float & Sauna package includes:
✅ 1hr Relaxing Float
✅ 40 min Infrared Sauna
✅ Complimentary robe & towels
✅ Private Ensuite shower.


Whats included in the experience:

  • 1hr Floatation Therapy in private float room
  • 40mins in the Infrared Sauna
  • Bathrobe for you to transition between the Float & Sauna
  • Complimentary towel service so your loved one doesn’t need to bring a thing
  • Ensuite in the Float & Sauna room
  • Colour Safe shampoo, conditioner & body wash
  • Chromotherapy lights in the sauna for an enhanced experience
  • Powder room with mirror, hair dryer, deodorant & moisturiser.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Health fund rebates do not apply if this is purchased as a gift voucher
  • Package service must be used within 3 years.
  • This package is not available 7 days, please check availability and hours before purchase.
  • This package is sold as a combined package, not to be split up to different services.
  • The package can be transferred in its entirety to someone else however full terms and conditions from original purchase will apply.
  • The infrared sauna is contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • This package is not suitable for two people as we can only cater for one float at a time (and we dont sauna before a float)