• Keep exercising,
    Always run your best race

    Don’t let fatigue, over training or soreness keep you away

You love to train. You love to exercise.
Whether you go for a walk around the Bay or your a fan favourite at one of the local gyms.
It’s your way of doing something good just for you.
You get to breathe in the fresh air, destress, unwind.
Coffee en route is also a must.
Whether you training for your own health and fitness or with purpose, scheduling some recovery time is a necessity.
That’s why having your personal sports massage therapist on your team is a must.

Sports Massage Drummoyne

Supercharge your recovery

Don’t let soreness, fatigue or niggles hold you back. We can release the sore muscles you just can’t face on a foam roller.

Extra time for yourself.

When you prioritise yourself you then have the capacity to look after everyone else. Let massage help keep your feet on the ground, running.

The support you need.

Sports Massage is an absolutely necessity whenever you are exercising. You train so you feel well. You need to visit us so we can keep you training.


Sports Massage for all athletes

Weekend Warrior

Massage helps the body adjust to any new training you begin. It will also help pre-empt any potential injuries that can occur as you adapt to your new regime.
Whether your regime be sporadic or more for your general fitness, it’s more important then ever to ensure you look after yourself so you keep training.

sports therapy massage

Endurance Athlete

Massage can assist you throughout your training periods. For best strategic results, utilise massage during taper. Between your biggest training blocks we recommend using the float tank. It will help you recharge your batteries and keep you training for longer

full body sports massage

Fitness Bunny

It’s a strategic advantage to utilise massage as part of your prep for competition. This will help you release tight muscles and fascia to keep you training. Consistency is key here so scheduling regular sports massage will ensure you never miss out.

Not sure whether Sports Massage or Remedial Massage is what you need?

We get it. It’s a question we often get asked.

Take a read below of the difference between the two and when is the best time to use each one.


Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a key part of any training program.
Recovery is a key part in helping your body (and mind) adapt to the rigors of any training program.
This is why massage is something that must be scheduled.
Being proactive rather then reactive will give you the competitive edge.

1. Increased Flexibility

Massage helps reduce tension, and lengthen your muscles. Whilst you still need to put the hard yards in to touch your toes, massage will greatly assist in removing all barrier to get you there.


2. Decreased Pain

We’re not going to lie. The Massage will temporarily hurt you before it makes you better. But it’s for an excellent cause, I promise! We need to break down adhesions and release those nasty trigger points. You’ll love us for it later.

3. Promotes Recovery

Training makes you tired. It’s meant to. You’ll feel better initially, but as your strength grows and you push yourself, you’ll start to fatigue. In order to keep training at your peak time needs to be put into recovery. Massage will help you with that.

4. Maintain Performance

When we help your sports recovery, we also manage your fatigue. The better you feel, the better you can perform. You can also strategically place your massage within big training periods to yield optimal results.

5. Decrease Injury

Whilst Massage can’t stop you falling off your bike, it can help the occurrence of overuse injury. With regular care we iron out trigger points and adhesions. This regular maintenance keeps muscles supple. It also helps identify where you may need to put additional effort into stretching or foam rolling. If any niggles turn into anything more serious, you’ll know about it right away and can proactive prevent it.

sports massage sydney

There is a lot you can do to help yourself.
However your foam roller is more helpful when it’s used then when it’s just looking at you.

Our guide to foam rolling has all the basics you require.

Get the most out of your recovery and let us help you with the hard stuff.

Foam Rolling for Success

Pre and Post Event Massage

Post event Massage helps to remove lactic acid build up.
This helps the body in recovery and breaks down adhesions built up during the event.
Not only does massage assist you in feeling better after your event, in some it also helps with preventing muscle soreness
After a large endurance event such as an ironman, we recommend waiting at least 3 days before receiving a full massage.
If you’re competing in a marathon or a distance shorter, next day massage is fine as it is for strength athletes.

Pre Event Sports Massage


Iron out the knots as they come up

Break down muscle adhesions to promote recovery

Help you with fatigue to keep you training longer

Because it feels good

Want to supercharge yourself ?
Combine your Massage with an Infrared Sauna.

Post Event Sports Massage


Reduce the lactic acid build up after your big race

Soothe that soreness, calm the inflammation

Relax the nervous system so you can get back out sooner

Because you’ve done enough and you totally deserve it!

Schedule your Massage in with a Float.
It’s the ultimate recovery experience

Dear Self,
I promise to survive , I mean Thrive.


1hr Massage
$114 – $119

Remedial, Sports, Deep Tissue

1hr Float & 1hr Massage

Let the tank unwind and relax your muscles.
Let our team then iron out the kinks


1hr Massage & 40m Sauna

1 hour Massage to release the knots, followed by 40 mins of recovery.

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