One of the leading diseases, globally, is heart disease. Diet, stress, sedentary lifestyles and toxins all give our poor hearts a hard time leading to 17.9 million deaths per year.

A scientific review published in the Science & Technology Review and published by the US National Library of Medicine showcases the therapeutic uses of infrared sauna therapy for the healthy enhancement of patients with severe chronic diseases.

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benefits of an infrared sauna to boost your immune system
Infrared Sauna Sydney Experience

Our Infrared Sauna is gaining popularity, and we get asked lots of questions about how it works. To help you, here is our Infrared Sauna User Guide. How to get the most out of your Sauna experience and ensuring you recover properly after.


The debate of the century is steam sauna vs infrared sauna. Which is better and what are the differences? Both types of sauna are different and both affect the body in different ways. Below we highlight some key differences from the perspective of the user. It’s important to note that a traditional steam sauna is […]


With 2018 now well and truly underway, most of us are back to work and our holidays are a distant memory. The New Year always sparks the intention to do things different. We plan to have a better year, have more balance, exercise more, look after your health, eat better & loose weight. The year […]

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