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Looking for your local Chiropractor that is a good fit for you and your family?

You’re a busy working professional, who wants to stay fit and active.

You want to know that when you’re injured or your back is sore that you can lean on someone reliable and trustworthy to put you back together again.

You want to get through life with as much ease as possible, that’s why you need our Chiropractor to be on your personal team.

Find out if our Drummoyne Chiropractor can help you

Spending too many hours at your desk or in front of the computer? Have your neck and shoulders completely seized?

The pressure of constantly being “on” with busy days, and not time for yourself. Is the constant running around nagging on your low back?

Are you in a physical trade, continually moving, bending and twisting? And your lower back suddenly isn’t so happy with you

Pregnant? Given birth? Bub is only growing and your body isn’t keeping up with all the changes. Pregnancy Chiropractic can help you.

Out training to stay fit, find some me time or stay sane? Don’t let injuries stop you from the sport you love. Our Sports Chiropractic can help you.

Are your children at soccer, rugby,  gymnastics, netball, always playing sport? But as they grow, they to get sore. Injuries can be overcome with the right care at the right time.

Life happens. But you’ve found the right place, we can help you.


Who we look after

Our vast experience is your benefit

Family chiropractic Drummoyne

Family Chiropractic

As your family expands and your needs change we grow with you.

Childrens Chiropractic Drummoyne

Children’s Chiropractic

Your kids grow, they become more active. We help them through their injuries and growing pains.

Sports Chiropractor Sydney

Sports Chiropractic

From your knees to your shoulders. Our services aren’t limited to backs. We rehabilitate your sporting injuries

Pregnancy Chiropractic Sydney

Pregnancy Chiropractic

You’re busy growing a baby and then nursing a newborn. We support you through all your aches and pains along the way.

Our philosophy towards Chiropractic care and our clients

Our practice in the chiro field has evolved over many years.

We’ve seen pretty much everything out there.

Often, we are even amazed at the industry itself.

What we’ve learnt over the years is that we care about YOU first.

Thats why our practice isn’t full of gimmicks and mod cons.

We practice modern, evidence based chiropractic. Because it yields you real results.

That’s also why we have extended treatment lengths and our fees won’t break the bank.

Our clients remain ours for a long time because they know they can come to us as life evolves. We’ll always work our hardest to help them and their kids.

What we treat

The most common Chiropractic Conditions we treat.

Paramount Health Chiropractic Headache


Tension headache, Migraines, TMJ pain.

Paramount Health Sore necks

Sore neck

Wry neck, bulging discs, pinched nerve, stiff neck.

Paramount Health Shoulders


Be it a serious injury like a rotator cuff tear or just tension in the traps from too much work.

Elbow pain.

Something that can come on suddenly or develop over time. Either way it can be very painful & potentially take a long time to settle.

Bulging Disc

Bulging Disc

Acute dysfunction or Chronic lumbar disc conditions.

Low back pain

One of the most common and most debilitating problems we all face at one time or another. This area of soreness also often gets ignored and is left untreated.

Hip pain

Really common as a sporting injury but also quite common during pregnancy. It is a site of really discomfort and soreness.

Paramount Health knee pain

Sore Knees

Knees are so complicated & simple at the same time. But they cause a lot of problems and there are many variations of injury at play.

Ankles & Feet

We are on our feet every day, but simple injuries like a sprain (unless severe) often go unnoticed, only to cause problems down the track.

The Paramount Health Chiropractic Difference

We respect you.

Our Chiropractic therapy has extended treatment times. Our sessions are designed to get you back to full capacity sooner, and for longer.

We respect your time and money.

We’re doing fine without taking advantage of our busy clients. Rest assured we’ll only book you as you need it.

Not sure how our Chiropractic Therapy work?

Here is our treatment outline:

Drummoyne Chiropractic Diagnosis

Initial Consultation.

Our initial chiropractic consultation includes a comprehensive diagnostic assessment followed by treatment. We’ll put our detective hat on and investigate neurological and orthopaedic tests. We’ll take a very thorough case history and analyse biomechanics. Working with you, this will ensure we can tailor the most effective way to treat you.


Follow up care.

Some people prefer a firmer approach to their treatment, others prefer a gentler method. Rest assured we will let you know what’s best for you, but it also has to work for you. We know the treatment plan won’t yield the best results if your note confident you can work it into your lifestyle. We work with you to devise a realistic treatment plan you’re happy with.

Paramount Chiropractic

Your recovery.

There is a time and a place for rehabilitation exercises. We help get you out of pain and moving again. We then introduce the required stretches and exercises to build strength and keep you feeling great.

Chiropractor Rozelle

You feel better.

Our Chiropractic services are a blend of the best of physiotherapy and chiropractic in one. No quick adjustments here. Only comprehensive thorough treatments. After each session we aim to have you walk away feeling better physically. You’ll be armed with the information you need to feel better again.

Brett Edmunds Chiropractor

(Seriously we just call him Brett, and so can you!)

I’m Brett. I’ve been working as a Chiropractor in Modern and Sports Chiropractic for 20 years, and believe it or not, I’m still doing it because I genuinely give a crap about you. That means I’ll work my hardest to make your recovery the best it can be. That way, you can get back to being the best YOU can be.

Chiropractic tips

We’re here to treat your injury, but we’d rather you didn’t have one to begin with. We know it happens to even the most careful athlete, so download our 6 point guide on Injury Prevention & Management, it’s an excellent resource to help you avoid injuries, and properly manage injuries as they occur.


You’ll walk away from your first Chiropractic treatment feeling better. And when you work with us, you’ll keep feeling better each time.

We miss you once we’ve got your injury’ sorted. And if you do hurt yourself again, you know where to find us.
We’ve been doing this for a long time & a testament to our success is that our clients keep coming back! When life get’s in the way & a new injury comes up, you know where to find us.

We’ve got you covered.

So don’t let injury mismanagement stop you running, training, and living at 100 percent. We excel in sports chiropractic. We’ll get you back where you need to be.

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Our conveniently located Lyons Road Chiropractor Clinic

Found in the heart of Drummoyne, with ample parking all around.
We are located in the ground floor of The Odeon, facing the IGA car park.

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