3 x 1 Hour Floatation Therapy | Gift Voucher


Experience depths of relaxation you’ve never felt before—all you have to do is float. And once you’ve tried it once, you’re sure to want to do it again.

Step into our float tank where the buoyant solution and warm water holds you in a soft embrace, more than even the comfiest of beds.

If you’re seeking stress-relief, chronic pain reduction, sleep aid, or are pregnant, you’re in for a restorative surprise.

Thanks to the Epsom salts and zero-gravity sensation, your body is able to fully relax, giving you all sorts of incredible health benefits.

Every session in the float tank will leave you feeling more rejuvenated and energetic than the last. Benefit from reductions in inflammation, blood pressure, cortisol/stress levels, and emerge with new energy, mental clarity and calm.

Pregnant women love floating to ease their burden, and athletes find faster recovery with the high magnesium content.

Leave the mayhem of everyday life behind and find the inner peace and relaxation you deserve.

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Whats included in the Experience:

  • 3 sessions of 1hr in our Float tank
  • Ensuite in the Float room
  • Complimentary towel service so your loved one doesn’t need to bring a thing with them.
  • Colour safe shampoo, conditioner & body wash.
  • Powder room including hair dryer, deodorant & moisturiser to freshen up with after the experience.
  • Music is available to play whilst Floating


Terms & Conditions

  • Full priced Gift Vouchers have a 3 year validity from date of purchase.
  • They are transferable to another person but are non refundable.
  • Vouchers are kept as an account credit on our system and the experience remains valid even if the physical voucher has been lost, so be sure to enter in their full name.
  • This voucher and sessions are shareable between two people, one visit at a time.

*Please note our float tank services can only cater for one person at a time

Full terms & conditions of voucher credits & expiry is on our website.



  • The Float tank is only suitable for one person at a time but the sessions are shareable between two.
  • Please allow approximately 60m for each float session, with an additional 10 m after to shower.
  • The voucher is transferable towards our other services if your loved one would prefer to experience something else, but must be done so in its entirety.
  • Floating is recommended & suitable during pregnancy.

You can read more Frequently Asked questions here.