Sweat out the nasties,
so you can start feeling better.

benefits of an infrared sauna to boost your immune system

Cold and Flu season is here!

As soon as the temperature started to drop, I’m sure you’ve seen your friends and family start getting sick, haven’t you?

With plenty of people around you catching colds, it’s so easy for your immunity to be worn down without you even realising it

In a moment I’ll show you one proven tool that will not only help you get over the common cold quicker, but will also help you build your immune system so you stay well this winter.

If you’re truly serious about boosting your immune system naturally this winter, then you are going to love the immune boosting benefits of the infrared sauna.

1. Sweat out the Snot

You see, Infrared waves penetrate deep into your core.

They raise your core body temperature naturally.

This in turn gets your heart pumping, you’re lymphatics flowing and you sweating.

What this means for you, is that you start the process of sweating out the nasties contributing to your congestion.

Pretty great right?

2. Detoxify your cells to prevent getting sick

Prevention is everything.

An infrared sauna not only detoxifies you on a cellular level. It also regenerates your cells.

As your cells are stimulated, the process will get rid of old ones and promote the production of new cells.

In fact, You’ll shed away nasties and toxins the safe way so you only feel the benefits without any crappy side effects.

You’re going to find that you’re so much more likely to stay well this flu season.

3. Produce more white blood cells.

White blood cells are the first line of defense in fighting infection.

During the process of cellular regeneration, white blood cell production is stimulated.

Combined with an increased heart rate, your blood and lymphatic systems are flowing.

Impurities are therefore actively being sweated out rather than just circulated.

4. Kick out the Bugs

It’s so easy for our body to become stagnant.

All the things we love are no problem in moderation.

Combine them with stress, bad food, lack of exercise and your system can get bogged up. You know what I mean right?

Ensuring your body can efficiently eliminate toxins is the way to improve your immune health.

Detox does not need to be restrictive or hard.

It should simply be helping your body do what it does best… and easily!

5. Improve gut health

The detoxification experienced during your sauna session, releases deep seated impurities.
In turn this aides in the digestion and break down of your food. Detoxifying doesn’t just come out through sweat.
But through normal elimination methods too. So your intestines and colon are being improved too!
A healthy gut is paramount to a strong immune system.