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Infrared Sauna Uer Guide

Our Infrared Sauna is gaining popularity, and we get asked lots of questions about how it works. To help you, here is our Infrared Sauna User Guide. How to get the most out of your Sauna experience and ensuring you recover properly after.

We love the Infrared Sauna. Without fail after every session we walk out feeling like a million bucks!
So healthy and rejuvenated.
The more we use it, the more we realise how profound it's benefits are.
Our tummies are better and we are continually surprised by the improvement in our muscular pain.

How to get the most out of your Infrared Sauna Experience

Infrared Sauna First Session
Your first Infrared Sauna session will involve a proper intake and run down of how the sauna works.
It is important we do our due diligence.
It's also important for your health and well being so that we understand your health position.
Ensuring that you are safe to use the sauna is important for you so that you get the most out of your session.
It also allows us to guide you on how to maximise the benefits in a way tailored to you.
Next we show you how the temperature works and how you can modify it depending on your needs.
If you get too hot in the infrared sauna, we recommend lowering the temperature by 5 degrees at a time.
This will take the edge off the heat, without dropping your body temperature too much. It is not recommended to rinse off during the session.
This will drastically drop your body temperature and may cause you to feel faint.
We've got your entertainment needs covered.
It is your choice whether you prefer to read a book, meditate, listen to music or watch Netflix.
Prior to your session we will show you how this works, that way you can customise the experience to your personal desires.

During your sauna time you will find that you may sweat quite profusely. This is because the infrared light penetrates deep into your core, heating you from the inside. Sweat therefore is immense! This is a very different experience to a steam sauna.

You can read more here about the difference between a steam sauna vs an infrared sauna.

It's important to note that it may take a couple of sessions whilst your body "learns" to sweat in this type of environment. Sweating is also not the only mode of elimination of toxins. But more on that below.
Staying hydrated whilst you are in the sauna is an absolute must. Although we do request that any water taken into the sauna remains with the lid on!
In preparation for your session, make sure you drink plenty of water. This will help with flushing the toxins out of you.
You will continue to sweat and/or feel the effects of your infrared sauna for a couple more hours. Staying hydrated after the sauna is also very important.

After your Sauna Session


Our Sauna room does have a shower for your personal use available. You are welcome to rinse off after your session if you wish. Alternatively you can use the fresh towels provided to pat yourself dry.

As the effects of the sauna continue to work for a while after your session, some people prefer to shower about 30mins or so later. This ensures a proper cleanse. The choice is yours!

Continue Hydrating.
We can't stress this enough. It's of the utmost importance. Not only will it assist in flushing the toxins but also in re hydrating your cells.
If you really want to give your water a boost, add a slice of lemon or lime to the water. We find that this not only makes it tastier, but easier.

Additional Tips & Benefits

The full spectrum infrared waves affect your body on a deep cellular level. This is beneficial to your mitochondrial cells, pain receptors and cardiovascular health. Basking in this invisible light spectrum is also excellent for heavy metal detoxification.
The detoxification experienced is so profound and beneficial.
This is why we definitely recommend hydration as key to a successful session.
Additionally you can supercharge your detoxification by monitoring your nutrition. An experienced Naturopath can guide you with a personalised plan.
However some of our recommended tips are:
  • place lemon/lime in your water.
  • Add barley grass juice powder, spirulina or coriander to your smoothies. They are excellent at removing heavy metals from your body.
  • We have to admit that we love celery juice. Having recommended it to several clients and friends, they've had great results with it too.