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Introduction to the Infrared Sauna

There are two main types of Sauna commonly known. A traditional Steam Sauna and an Infrared Sauna. We'll discuss the differences between the two another time. Today is all about what Infrared is, whether it is safe to use and about the the numerous health benefits to you.

What is Infrared?

Infrared waves are an element of electromagentic fields; along with radio waves, micro waves, the light we perceive and ultra violet as examples. The Infrared Spectrum includes Near, Mid & Far waves, each having a slightly different effect on the body.

Near Infrared Waves (NIR) penetrate deep into the body creating a positive effect on a cellular level. The waves help with cellular detoxification, protein synthesis and improvements in metabolism. The mitochondria within our cells have certain receptors sensitive to these types of waves. Whilst benefiting from the NIR, inflammation and pain are also being reduced as the cells are assisted in their regeneration.

Mid Infrared Waves (MIR) are a longer wave length then the NIR and have a positive effect on your circulation and soft tissues - muscles & ligaments. This type of wave is used to assist with pain management and the relief of muscular tension.

Far Infrared Waves (FIR) on a cellular level have the deepest penetration into the body. FIR works to increase your core body temperature and in doing so assists in boosting immunity. The detoxification of heavy metals and other environmental toxins is also stimulated here.

The Sauna that we utilise is a full spectrum sauna, meaning that it uses a combination of near, mid and far waves to offer the most comfortable and healthy sauna experience.

Is it safe & why would you use it?

We've just introduced you to a short list of the effects of infrared waves on the body. There are numerous health benefits to be had so why should you use a sauna?

  • Pain relief. The combined effect of warming the muscles, decreasing inflammation and the benefits of the spectrum assist in decreasing pain and improving joint mobility and health.
  • Immune boosting. Increasing core body temperature helps cells fight bacteria, move on toxins and thus improve gut health.
  • Weight loss. A multi billion dollar industry! The effect of detoxification assists with promoting good gut health, improving nutritional digestion and absorption. Combined with eliciting a good sweat response, regular use in conjunction with a good diet and exercise regime will help move the bulge.
  • Cardiovascular improvement. By promoting circulation to the tissues within the body, increasing core body temperature and increased heart rate, all gets the circulation going and flowing! In situations where the ability to exercise is compromised due to injury or environment saunas are used to elicit a similar response to that of moderate exercise.

Whilst the benefits are numerous and it is a service widely available to all, there are some contraindications. It is not recommended to partake in this experience whilst pregnant. Even though there are numerous benefits to cardiovascular health, if you are experiencing hypertension or some form of cardio vascular disease we would prefer you get the all clear from your GP first.

Steam Sauna or Infrared Sauna?

Every one will ultimately have their own personal preference on what they prefer. The benefits of a sauna with IR capabilities far outweigh that of a standard steam sauna. The Infrared sauna also offers additional flexibility to personalise. The temperature can be altered throughout a session and you can pre select a setting depending on your health goals. This generally makes for a much more comfortable sauna session, with clients commonly reporting that they find the experience to be less stifling, more enjoyable and generally more relaxing. We've also found the IR sauna to be less painful then a steam sauna (on our skin). It has also had a much deeper effect on muscular tension pain relief.

Did we mention that we've got netflix hooked up in the Sauna? You have the choice of relaxing or catching up on your favourite shows. Consider combining your Sauna session with one of our other treatments to maximise your results. We highly recommend a Float followed by a Sauna - you won't recognise yourself when your done. You can check out our full price list & package options here

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