Invest in your health

With 2018 now well and truly underway, most of us are back to work and our holidays are a distant memory. The New Year always sparks the intention to do things different. We plan to have a better year, have more balance, exercise more, look after your health, eat better & loose weight. The year always starts with great intentions and invariably most people loose track and sight of their health goals along the way.

Whatever health goals you have set for yourself, there are a few crucial factors to keep you on track.

Our Health Tips of Success

The tips provided below are our sure fire secrets to success.

  • Make your healthy choices a habit and a lifestyle rather then a chore or potential punishment. Steer your focus away from everything you can't have and towards everything you can. This will help you make better choices without the feeling of missing out.
  • Treats work best when they are occasional and enjoyed! Not when they are starved and longed for. Food shouldn't be the only reward system in place. Consider things like holidays, massages, trips to the movies a favoured item of clothing etc
  • Keep a journal, don't loose sight of why you started. Referencing back to what spurred the inspiration to begin with will help keep you going!
  • Mark your wins! Take note of each positive forward step you've made, the journey is there to be enjoyed - don't be overwhelmed by its potential length when each day something positive can be celebrated. This will help keep you going!
  • Find tools that work for you. Get a journal, activate your step counter, download a healthy lifestyle app. Technology has made convenience so easy! There are an immeasurable number of tools available to make life easier. Ready made meals can be found of fantastic quality and meal delivery services are abundant. There are so many available options to help save time!
  • Invest in yourself. We can't stress this enough! Cars are regularly services, fuel topped up and yet we are continually surprised at how many people don't apply the same philosophy to their body. Find a holistic health centre near you, book a Massage or better yet spend 40 minutes in their Infra Red Sauna. The health benefits of which are likely to propel and further your health goals.

How using an Infrared Sauna can keep you on track with your Health Goals

Infrared Sauna Health Goals

Infrared Saunas emit light waves of Near, Mid & Far Waves to heat the body, without necessarily heating the air around you. This makes for a highly effective and yet completely comfortable sauna experience that will assist with:

  • Detoxification; Infrared waves work on a deep cellular level within the body, gently heating your core body temperature thus promoting a deep detoxification. The intense sweating produced is a sure fire way of eliminating heavy set toxins. Heavy metals & bacteria are moved along and mitochondrial health in your cells is promoted.
    Detox is highly useful in recharging your health, promoting good gut bacteria (combined with a good diet) and encouraging skin health. In keeping on track with your health goals for the year, the sauna is a strategic tool should you fall off the bandwagon. Following a big night out or some overindulging, 40mins in the sauna can help you navigate back to your plan.
  • Increased circulation - time in an Infrared Sauna boosts your heart rate thus encouraging the flow of blood. Combined with the benefits of sweat elimination, circulation is increased and improved. This is useful in reducing fluid retention and bloating.
  • Pain Relief- combining heat and Infra Red waves assists in reducing muscular tension & inflammation. Several studies have found that regular exposure to FIR helps with inflammatory conditions such as Chronic Pain & Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Weight loss- Sauna usage mimics the benefits of moderate exercise resulting in not only weight loss but improved cardiovascular health. Whilst fat cells are not directly blasted, by affecting the hormonal environment, insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation, the body becomes better adept at creating a balanced environment that significantly promotes weight loss
  • Stress release- Sauna usage encourages a relaxed state helping you handle your stress better.

Why Investing in yourself is key to Success

We've provided you with some basic tools to keep you on track this year. Be it with New Years resolutions or other goals you set for yourself along the way. Investing in yourself by taking time to journal, walk, run, create (and eat) good food are crucial. Rewarding yourself with positive habits and techniques will yield you a better return on your investment. These rewards also keep you accountable and keep you going as you have measurable markers highlighting your success. Note that weight loss (if your goal) is not the only marker for success. Improved fitness & strength as well as increased motivation are excellent measures too.

An Infra Red Sauna is just one strategic tool that you can utilise to help promote and potentially yield you faster results. If you simply want to detox from your Christmas indulgence to start the year off right, the Sauna is the place to do it! Here is our blog introducing the sauna if it is new to you. Or if you are ready to add the sauna to your 2018 healthy habit tools you can book in here.

Go crush your health goals and kick 2018's butt!