Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage or Prenatal Massage is a tailored Massage that focuses on all the specific requirements of the mother-to-be. As pregnancy brings about a number of changes in her and with these changes often come a lot of aches and pains. Our Pregnancy Massage services are safe and advisable for all mums not in the high risk category. Our studio also offers “Belly Pillows” which allow the mum to be fully supported and lie face down during the massage. They come in two sizes so are suitable at all stages of pregnancy.

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Floating whilst pregnant

The body changes so much during a pregnancy. The uterus itself expands by 1000%! Around the half way mark, as the baby’s growth becomes more rapid in size, the pressures start presenting themselves. With the center of gravity changing, hips start getting sore. The mid back aches, shoulders throb and the low back gets very […]