Pregnancy Floatation Benefits
Wouldn't it be nice to be floating effortlessly?

For a little while you could feel
totally weightless? 

Imagine floating in divine warm water, whilst all the tension you carry around every day, simply melts away.

The heaviness you feel dissipates and you get to truly rest.

These are just some of the benefits of floating during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Float Benefit
The body changes so much during a pregnancy. The uterus itself expands by 1000%!

Around the half way mark the baby's growth becomes more rapid in size.

At this stage the pressures of pregnancy start presenting themselves.

With the center of gravity changing, hips start getting sore.

The mid back aches, shoulders throb and the low back gets very sore.

Not only this but there is a constant sense of heaviness and fatigue.

Floating during pregnancy is one way that you can release some of this tension, whilst you relax.

Benefits of Floating During Pregnancy

  • Complete weightlessness whilst you float, no sense of heaviness.

  • The buoyancy experienced completely takes the pressures of the baby off your joints.

  • Magnesium absorbed whilst floating decreases muscular tension instantly and reduces those painful cramps.

  • Having a choice of sensory isolation promotes optimal rest. Most of our pregnant mums fall asleep in the tank.

  • The relaxing nature of floating improves fatigue and your energy levels.

  • It is completely safe to lie flat on your back as you do not have pressure from underneath. This means you don't need to worry about being elevated on one side.

Is Floating safe during Pregnancy?

Is Floating safe during pregnancy
We have women floating from the beginning of their pregnancy right up until a few days before they give birth!

The water in the tank is also only heated to body temperature so there is no risk of you overheating.

As we know you are very relaxed when you hop out of the tank, we are mindful that it is easy to lose your balance.

We have towels placed at every step you need to take and the tank itself has handlebars to help you in and out.

The greatest risk you face is falling asleep... and we encourage that!

Whether you remain in a dream state or you're out like a light, you will definitely feel better and rested at the end of your float.

Rest assured we will most definitely ensure we wake you up when it's time to come up.

"Bra off hair up, belly out, sit back relax, float and catch up on the rest you didn’t know you needed.."

Is Floating Hygenic?

Yes! Not much grows in such a saline environment!

But just to be sure we check and measure the PH, alkalinity and bromine levels daily.
Our ensuite is always kept thoroughly scrubbed!

The pump in the floatation tank is very strong.

As this isn't a spa and there is not a lot of water, it gets filtered between each appointment in about 10 minutes. It also filters the water over night.

Can I have a Massage too?

Yes! What a nice treat for you! We have belly pillows available to cater for pregnancy from early to late stage. This means you have the support and comfort to enjoy your massage face down without any negative impact on your baby.
Adding a Massage to your float is a great way of giving you extra "me time." We can iron out any muscular tension you may have that perhaps need a little more hands on work.
Massage is perfectly safe throughout pregnancy. If however you have not had a massage before, we recommend waiting until your first trimester has passed. Should you fall into a high risk pregnancy category, we recommend seeking clearance from your GP prior to attending.