The Benefits of Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

Pregnancy is a glorious period treasured by women globally. Yes, sometimes there can be challenging moments. But it is a very special phase of a woman’s life and a very private, unique experience.

Pregnancy triggers several physical changes in a woman’s body. It is crucial to prepare and support your body during this period. An increasing number of women are opting for pregnancy massage to help them cope with the pregnancy-related changes. Studies have shown that pregnancy massage can offer significant benefits during this crucial period.

How Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage can help

Pregnancy massage can be very useful in helping your body cope with the many amazing changes it goes through. Additionally, you may find it helpful for post-natal physical and emotional adjustments.

If you are pregnant, we recommend you talk to our experts at Paramount Health to know more about pregnancy and post-natal massage and its benefits.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, please take your doctor’s advice on whether pregnancy massage is appropriate during the first trimester.

Before you book your massage, let’s dive in a little deeper and look at some of the health benefits you can expect from pregnancy and post-natal massage.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
  • Pregnancy massage helps release muscle spasms as they adapt to pregnancy, including the painful calf cramps and mid-back spasms.
  • It reduces swelling of the hands, legs, ankles and feet, which is quite common during pregnancy.
  • Massage increases circulation and oxygen supply to the baby’s and to the mom’s muscles and ligaments. This is crucial as those exceptionally hard-working ligaments need constant repairing during pregnancy. They have a low vascular presence and, therefore, will benefit significantly from the increased circulation.
  • Increased circulation also speeds up the removal of toxins and improves the well-being of the mom.
  • Hormone levels will benefit from the stabilising effects which decreases anxiety and adds to immune stability.
  • There is also a greater benefit. The increased circulation, removal of toxins, extra relaxation, lower cortisol levels, and reduced physical stress allow the immune system to significantly build up its resistance.
  • Another huge benefit is a noticeable reduction in headaches. This is especially crucial as medication is so limited during pregnancy.
  • Massage can help relieve constipation before, during and after pregnancy. In fact, it’s also essential to keep your water levels higher than your pre-pregnancy levels. So, increase your fluid intake if you are constipated. Another tip is to avoid black tea and coffee for a few days to prevent constipation.
  • Pregnancy massage almost certainly will ensure a great night’s sleep.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage

  • Post-natal massage helps soothe the discomfort in the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders area.
  • It can ease any soreness and reduce muscular tension.
  • As we mentioned earlier, post-natal massage can increase circulation, which can speed up your post-natal recovery. Just make sure that you talk to your medical practitioner first if you’ve had a caesarian delivery.
  • Along with removing toxins, it can also stimulate lymphatic drainage, helping reduce any swelling.
  • By encouraging the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins, it can significantly reduce stress and help you feel relaxed. It can also help you sleep better, which is a great blessing for a new mother.
  • The relaxation effect of the massage can also help you cope better in case you have post-natal depression.

Massage Options during and post pregnancy


There are several massage options available for pregnant women. Here are a couple of popular options.

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is excellent for the relaxation of the entire body. The technique is a combination of deep and superficial massage techniques.

Remedial Massage: This focusses on releasing built-up tension and addressing issues as they arise during the various stages of pregnancy. This is an excellent massage option during and after pregnancy.

Where to book your Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage


Now that you know the benefits of pregnancy and post-natal massage, are you ready to book a soothing pregnancy massage and enjoy an improved sense of well-being? We at Paramount Health are highly trained and have years of experience helping women during and after pregnancy. You can book directly via our quick online booking form or get in touch with us for more information.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you through a healthy pregnancy and easier recovery.

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