A Float tank is essentially a giant, private bath tub/pool that is filled with Magensium rich Epsom Salts. The total water depth is approximately only 25-30cm and therefore makes the solution more buoyant then the dead sea. The experience allows the user to float effortlessly, fully supported by the epsom salt rich water. Intense relaxation […]

Floating whilst pregnant

The body changes so much during a pregnancy. The uterus itself expands by 1000%! Around the half way mark, as the baby’s growth becomes more rapid in size, the pressures start presenting themselves. With the center of gravity changing, hips start getting sore. The mid back aches, shoulders throb and the low back gets very […]


Imagine lying down in warm, luscious salt filled water. It completely supports your body weight, suspending you effortlessly on the surface. You feel nothing around you. Blending with the water, not know where it begins and where it ends. And your brain loves the nothingness, it can’t hear anything, see anything or feel anything. Totally […]


A Floatation tank can be thought of like a giant private bathtub. It is complete with a silky Eposm Salt solution so buoyant that when you hop in you will literally float! Floatation tanks come in many different shapes and sizes. All have slightly different technical aspects and features, most of which won’t affect the […]


Floatation Therapy is often perceived as a bit of an indulgent, spa like relaxation tool.  Floating certainly is relaxing!  Harnessing the power of rest and relaxation to aide recovery in sport and performance is what sets this experience apart. The power of the environment it creates for the user is where the experience offers little […]

Paramount Health Clinic Float Tank Drummoyne Sydney

Every athlete should jump into a float tank to supercharge their sports recovery results. But what is it and why do it? Floating is when a person lies in a dense Epsom salt water solution. The experience takes place in a Float Tank, that has been specifically designed for this. It is an incredible and […]


Magnesium is an essential mineral required for extensive use in the body! It regulates more than 300 reactions that keep our body working. An easy, relaxing way to boost magnesium levels in our body is to have an Epsom Salt Bath or soak in a Float Tank. As we get magnesium from our food, most […]