Should you float first or second?

It is one of our most commonly asked questions whether you should float before or after a massage?

The answer is that it really does come down to personal preference as you benefit differently in each way.

Floating before a massage will mean that the therapist can get more out of your body. But equally floating after a massage will offer additional relief.

Should I Float before or after a Massage?

Good Morning everybody!

I am here this morning because I get asked this question on an almost daily basis, and that is whether one should float before or after their massage?

So, hopefully I'm going to give you the pro's and con's for both and that will help you decide what your preference is.

At the end of the day though, there is no right or wrong because you don't really loose benefits, you just get them in a different way.

Benefits of Floating before a Massage

Float before a massage

First up, Floating before a massage. This is often, commonly perceived as the way to go and for many it's good, and so you should! If you've got a lot of muscular tension, then floating before a massage is going to make your massage easier.

It's going to make your massage a little less painful, it's going to allow, us the massage therapists to get into your muscles on a deeper level and we get get more out of your body and you therefore get more out of your massage.

We recommend people float if you hold a lot of tension, if you are really stressed, if you haven't had a massage in a long time. These are the times when it is best to float first.

Benefits of Floating after a Massage

Benefits of a Float after a Massage

In terms of floating second, or after the float. I like to do it this way because a massage is really stimulating, so its going to open up some tension, we're going to rip things apart, we're going to pull apart adhesions and scar tissue potentially. But either way a massage is really stimulating. Once we've done all of that, when you go to hop into the float tank after, you then get to chill, you get to soak and you get to absorb all the magnesium in the water and that really helps to settle down all of the tension that we've just brought up.

So as an after effect, floating second is really good if you are somebody  who is mentally really switched on.

So if you think your going to find it hard to float then have your massage first because that will start winding you down and you relax easier in the float tank. Also it's going to help settle everything down after your massage.

So if your somebody who gets quite sore after a massage then floating second is definitely your way.

Making the most out of your Float appointment.

And lastly what you can do, as a couple of our clients do is float first, then have a massage and then float again.

Alternatively for the second part you can also use an infrared sauna that's also an excellent way of winding down the tension after a massage.

That's it from today, there is no right or wrong as to what is best. Both are good.

I encourage you to try one way, try the other and then decide for yourself what works best for you.

If your not sure, when you give us a call then just ask and I can chat to you about it. I'll find out a little bit more about you and your needs and all of that and we can guide you from there.