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What is a Floatation Tank

A Floatation tank can be thought of like a giant private bathtub. It is complete with a silky Eposm Salt solution so buoyant that when you hop in you will literally float!

Floatation tanks come in many different shapes and sizes. All have slightly different technical aspects and features, most of which won't affect the user in their floatation experience. These aspects are however important for the business owner in ensuring clients always have a wonderful floatation session.

What makes a Floatation Tank Unique?

  • All floatation tanks have body temperate water. Some heat the water during the filtration process as they are well insulated and it will maintain whilst floating. Others have heating elements in the sides or underneath the float tank that will maintain a constant temperature at all times.
  • Tanks have a minimum of 350-500kgs of Epsom salts dissolved in them. The quantity of Epsom Salt is dependent on the size itself. The larger the tank the more salt required. It's important to note that having more salt won't make you more buoyant, the buoyancy remains the same relative to the size of the tanks.
  • Tanks come in different shapes and sizes, ours currently looks a bit like a space ship, others are an open air pool, a clam shell or purpose built rooms. Honestly one is not better then the other. It does simply come down to personal preference, your location and what is convenient for you.
  • Filtration - all float tanks filter the water in between client appointments and are left running over night too. With the exception of one new Float suite coming into the market, no float tank drains or replaces it's water after every visit. Some filtration is automatically dosed, others are required to be manually maintained by staff. In Australia regulations require the use of bromine/chlorine dosing whereas in the US UV filtration is frequently used.
  • Water replacement; due to the nature of Epsom Salt very little bacteria grows in such a saline environment. With filtration, proper maintenance and chemical dosing the water does not need to be frequently changed. To drain and re start the floatation solution takes a whole day as dissolving 350-500kgs of Epsom Salt takes time!

What to Expect when Floating?

What to expect when Floating

Expect to Float! Expect it to be effortless and a guarantee that you will leave with a post float glow. Other then that no expectation is the best expectation.

  • Spiritual awakenings aren't likely. A first time float won't leave you conversing with God, or aliens. It is possible and with the right training and practice; meditating is the perfect thing to do whilst Floating.
  • Falling asleep is likely. Drowning is not! Luckily your body composition won't change when you fall asleep so it remains perfectly safe to sleep and float safely. Due to the lack of solid pressure underneath you, there is less need to toss and turn as you would in bed.
  • Muscular tension relief will occur. The relief experienced from the anti gravity effect in conjunction with the Magnesium levels present always immediately relieves superficial muscular tension. Cutaneous absorption is quick and results are immediate.
  • Time passes quickly. Loosing complete sense of time commonly occurs and its great! We will wake you when it's time to come up, rest assured.
  • Boredom might occur if you are someone who constantly has to be some where or be doing something. The Art of doing nothing, in our humble opinion, really is doing something.
  • It isn't for everyone. Although those who don't enjoy it are far and few between.

When Should I use a Floatation Tank?

Life is constantly bombarding us with stuff. Noise, meetings, appointments, pollutants, pressure and stress. Consequently life becomes so busy and full that it becomes difficult to rest, to recalibrate and re-centre. One can definitely sit in front of the TV and take some time out - but you then find yourself still bombarded with more stress and an angst.

Time management is a real art in these busy lives we lead. Using a Float tank offers a way of taking time for yourself in an environment that encourages and actively promotes relaxation. Energy levels are boosted, stress fades away, muscular tension is eased. Think of the experience as a way of doing multiple things at once whilst doing nothing at all.

Athletes float regularly to aid their recovery. Entrepreneurs Float to focus their mind.

Ready to Float? Schedule an appointment for yourself here, or learn more about how Floatation Therapy can be a beneficial addition to your daily life. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions, we would love to help!

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