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What is remedial Massage

Hi Everyone.

I'm here today to give you a quick little chat about what Remedial Massage is and hopefully it will also help you know when to choose that as a massage style next time you go in.

This is actually one of our most commonly asked questions to help people differentiate between the different styles of massage so I am going to go over all of the different options over a series of videos but today we are just going to give you a quick run down of What Remedial Massage is.

When to have a Remedial Massage?

When you go to book a Massage the most common reason that you're going to come in, or what will draw you in is that you have a little bit of an ache, some tension in the shoulders or neck, you've got a headache.

You're experiencing some type of soreness in your body. Now we can eliminate that you don't have acute injuries, there is not some type of spasm that requires you to see a GP or that you need a different type of care like Physio or Chiro, so let's take that out of the equation.

But you know that you've got some soreness and  you want to book in and you want to have a Massage. So I recommend that in these instances, default straight into Remedial. It's usually the best choice for you and know also that Massage is fluid. We can change the style as we go, everything is personalised to you anyway. Massage is fluid, its not a hard and fast rule where you're only coming for this so thats ok as well. You can't choose a wrong thing. Which is good to know!

How tension forms

Now, with tension that forms in your body, the best way to think about it is that what a muscle does is that it moves, so it opens and closes, it holds you in a certain posture creates movement and helps keep you in a certain way.

Now if we add stress into the mix, if we add long term held posture, so think you're working at your desk for hours on end and your not moving.

Likewise if you're going out training and your moving too much that can cause things as well.

But a long the way what happens is the muscles form little adhesions.

So every muscle opens and closes in tiny fibres along the whole length of the muscle.

When they all work together that is what causes your joints to open and close and that is what creates movement.

On a micro level what will occur is that little parts of the muscle will remain adhesed.

How a Remedial Massage Eases your Tension

Now when you come in for a Massage, what we actually do is come in and we rip it apart.

I'm sorry to say that!  But thats what we do, we force the tension apart, because in these micro levels where tension has formed it will form a little bit more and a little bit more over a period of time. What then happens is that then starts to ache, that might cause some referred pain as it's also the beginning of a trigger point, which can get really painful if it does turn into that. And also you'll just feel tight, and when you start running or your training you'll also feel that you're not quite getting good quality movement, that fluidity of movement that your body is used to.

So, our job as Massage Therapists is to come in and to ease the tension out, rip those adhesions apart and that may be a little bit sore during the massage, it may then also be a little bit sore the day after, that's ok I'll share some tips another time how to ease post massage discomfort.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

But just know that our job in a Remedial Massage is to ease that tension over a period of time then to help restore range of motion, and help you with your flexibility.

So you still need to do the stretches - we can't do it all for you, but by easing the tension we're going to help you along with that.

Now also, you will experience other benefits:

  • Your whole nervous system will relax.
  • A lot of people find that their mind calms down.
  • There is evidence to show that massage post exercise, is good in helping calm everything down.
  • There are cardiovascular benefits too.

Anytime you relax your nervous system everything is going to work a little bit better.

So we get all of those benefits as well.

And that is with massage all across the board.

What is Remedial Massage

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Final Thoughts

But for today know that Remedial Massage is your choice when you have some soreness you want addressed.

When you want to ease some discomfort and when you want to come in and have a really good quality massage and not just something that is going to be light and fluffy but something that will address areas of concern for you.

If you're ready to address your areas of tension, be sure to hop online and book yourself in for a Massage with our experienced team.